free software and oppression 

Free software is about protecting the freedom of the users of software, not protecting your rights as a software developer to deprive them of that freedom.

It’s really a nice example of how the same thing feels like libertarianism/authoritarianism depending on whether you’re in the oppressor class.

As software developers, especially non-free software developers, we are members of an oppressor class. Free software is one way we can choose to lessen our grip on power.

free software and oppression 

It worries me that, with so much of a push for software developers to unionise, this is not usually kept in mind.

As software developers, we are indeed oppressed by those who profit from our labour, but we in turn enable the oppression of our users, by depriving them of freedom.

To do that work, resulting in a deprivation of freedom, is the only way many of us can survive. This is the fault of the bosses. I am in the privileged position to not have to do that.


free software and oppression 

But I would not join any software developers’ union that does not recognise the freedom of users of software to be just as important as the rights of the people who made it.

I would not join any union that would not strike for software freedom.

Free software is a fight between users and bosses, and we’re stuck in the middle of it. Whose side are you on?

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free software and oppression 

is it between users and bosses?

i'd say freesoftware has a fair more kinds and types of involvement.
Perhaps a union that has the question of increasing the ranges and possibilities with free software -
could help bring #artists, #philosophers, politicians, #sociologists, #educators and so on, on board?

(with the idea that copyright software could become as acceptable an idea as slavery)

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