Hoping that 2020 can be the year I eliminate the last remnants of proprietary software from my life (at least above the firmware level)

@qyliss what are you using now and replacing it with? I'm always trying to replace proprietary software, but haven't found replacements for everything yet

@ccgx mostly it is that I am not yet blocking proprietary javascript, and that I still use my iPad for some things like password management because I am not yet satisfied with application security on desktop Linux (but fixing that is like, my job or whatever)

@ccgx family + a couple of other people still use iMessage also. Need to sort that.

@qyliss I have the same goal. I am getting a Librebooted thinkpad and a PinePhone.

Right now I basically have a tablet with a keyboard. It is an Amazon tablet, but I was able to neutralize most of the hostile applications.

The best thing is to just not use nonfree software to begin with. Fortunately I never became very attached to proprietary systems (for example, I never got a Facebook account or used a Mac). Before my computer broke, the only nonfree software it ran was the kernel firmware plus whatever garbage the BIOS and Intel CPU had.

Who are you buying the thinkpad from? Curious to see how well the librebooted ones work in 2020.

@magneticeagle @qyliss I bought a used one offof eBay and am having it librebooted by other seller on eBay.

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