this situation sure has made it clear who are our real comrades and who just presents as anti-authoritarian when it’s convenient, huh?

the state is going to save those it’s convenient for it to save through force and coercion, the only way it knows how

but don’t you dare defend that as somehow acting in the interests of humanity

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keeping people locked inside for fear of reprisal was unjust then and it’s unjust now

we’re a few days into something that’s going to last months, and already states around the world are rushing to use their power to force people to act the right way. you think that’s going to hold up?for months? with the pressure building and building?

we are so truly fucked and it’s because people like you think the way to get us all through a crisis together is to just threaten everyone until they behave.

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you think the unprecedented powers being given to the police right now are okay because we need to get through this crisis? the abuses of power have started already. it’s too early to have heard about most of them yet, but you’d better believe me they’ll come out

here’s one, for a taste, from the Crimethinc article I just boosted:

“police dressed in full pandemic stormtrooper regalia raided a refugee center.”

so much more to come, all in your name, under the pretext of stopping the virus

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I never imagined that when they seized their opportunity to go full police state, so many of you would be fucking cheering them on while they did it

go to hell.

we are all living in a police state now. none of the repression, the abuses of power we’ve always warned of are going to go away just because there’s an epidemic on.

what are you going to do about it?

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the cops and the fucking soldiers can go around doing whatever they want now, and nobody is even allowed to be in the street to see it

think about that

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Let me clarify what actions I am opposed to, so you don’t think that I believe closing shops is fascism

• Keeping people home by threatening them with violence
• Reduction in police oversight
• Mass or clandestine surveillance

And one critical inaction:

• Keeping the fucking prisons going

That’s it

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