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Ⓐlyssa Røss 🔥✊️ @qyliss@mastodon.social

TWITTER: “use first name last name if you can — it looks professional”
MASTODON: “Hi I’m fluffy at homosexual dot party”

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@qyliss and that's what I hate about current state of Twitter: everyone has to be and look professional

@qyliss see… i've been wondering all this time if i should follow you with my ~professional~ account (@hirojin) or with this my private one…


Using modified citation rules:

Last Name, FirstName. (User Name).
"The toot in its entirety." Date, Time. Toot.

N/A, Fluffy. (@fluffy@homosexual.party)
"Hi I'm fluffy at homosexual dot party" 11 April, 2017, 12:51pm. Toot.

@qyliss this is terrible and misleading! how dare you!

NXDOMAIN for homosexual.party D:

@qyliss using my first and last name on any online network would only lead to utter confusion. Like many GenX/Y folk of Asian ancestry but European birth, I have a Western/European given name and Chinese family name my Dad who was Malaysian Chinese).
So do 1000+ other lads of similar age, across Europe, Malaysia and Singapore. A lot of them also work in IT/tech and share the same hobbies as myself..

@qyliss Well now I just feel silly and have missed out on being called Mr. Kittens.

@qyliss I see an opportunity here…

ping: cannot resolve homosexual.party: Unknown host