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Just joined Another Europe is Possible, the progressive alliance for a real alternative to an extreme right-wing Tory Brexit. Join at

@aminb Please add me to 3D Virtual & Augmented Reality, Design, Digital Rights, Privacy, Scotland, Socialists, UK Politics.

Inspirational in the sense that I would like to believe I'd be capable of being as brave and resolute in my principles, but when it comes to it I'd probably be just as susceptible to the bystander effect as anyone, particularly in an environment like a plane which is intimidating and encourages conformity by design. Bravery breeds bravery, I hope.

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So much respect for this woman - refusing to be a bystander. Might seem a simple act but takes real bravery to be the one to stand up, against hostility, and refusing to back down inspire others to stand up as well. Hopefully now inspires others to do the same.

@Gargron Although.. it may be better to keep a mention of microblogging somewhere on the page? That being the most accurate description of what Mastodon is, even if it's not a term everyone will necessarily be familiar with..

@Gargron Would all depend on context and audience really. The former more technical description seems appropriate for say, the GitHub repo. The summary you actually presently have when landing on I think does a good job of introducing Mastodon to a more general audience. Ah got you, that does make more sense :) Btw, I was at one of the protests last night, and there were plenty signs displaying variations of the sentiment you described in similar language. None of them received the same press attention, or public acknowledgement from Trump himself. That's the difference. The balloon was childish humour, and fairly expensive, but it's certainly been successful in its aims. Sorry, 6m as in 6 million? I'm assuming that was a typo? This article states the organisers raised £18,000 to produce and fly the balloon ( which I'd assume also includes the logistics of flying it in multiple cities over the weekend.. I'd agree that's still a lot, but relative to the coverage it received seems decent value.

@Gargron Just incredible... Going to have to read that book. The two are not mutually exclusive. You can donate to food banks and homeless shelters, while also opposing the politics which make them necessary. Saying you shouldn't protest politics and politicians whose views and policies you find abhorrent because you could better spend the time and money supporting homeless shelters (or any other choice cause) is absurd. By "low people count" are you referring to the over 250,000 who marched in London alone? By "overpriced balloon" are you referring to the balloon which caused Trump to state he felt "unwelcome" in London (, and received substantial news coverage? Seems like a success in terms of the aims of the protests to me.

On the same day our First Minister led the Pride parade in Glasgow, protests continued in Edinburgh against Trump's racism, misogyny, and fascist politics, and Scotland made sure Trump felt (un)welcome as he went for a round of golf. Proud of my country today.

Brilliant news from the EU Parliament today. With the constant efforts of those who don't understand the internet and/or want to undermine and control it, it can sometimes feel like a losing battle in defending it. We just need to try harder and keep up the fight. At least this one won't simply be waved through, as has largely been in the case in the UK the last couple years..

Annnd now reading up on how toothless and full of loopholes current EU net neutrality regulations are. Sigh.

Apparently Vodafone launched some new brand ("VOXI") which literally offers a "Video Pass" for YouTube and Netflix etc, "Music Pass" for Spotify... How the hell is that not in violation of EU net neutrality law? It's the most explicit and high profile erosion of net neutrality I've seen in the UK. Basically makes that image that goes about whenever net neutrality is discussed, showing cable TV style website "packages" a reality..

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