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Been looking for a proper Letterboxd equivalent for games for aages, and very happy to have now came across the very promising Backloggd. Anyone of my Mastodon followers on there yet? Add me! 😆

Sad to hear of Larry Kramer's death. By coincidence I just watched How to Survive a Plague a couple nights ago, a powerful and informative documentary on the AIDS crisis as it developed and the activists who fought establishment indifference to find a cure with increasing desperation and anger. Would recommend it, and also The Normal Heart. So important we remember activists like Larry Kramer and others, and how much LGBT people of my generation and those to come owe them for their fight.

The BBC capturing a rare photo of a literal demon here, rejoicing in his daily death count.

@marrkus I just have one question for you - are you a pathetic, worthless punk?

You have to do yourself a favour when you're out in the countryside and you see chickens -

First day working remotely / under quarantine and my productivity is through the roof. Could be in for a very productive period if I don't go mad from the social isolation / society doesn't completely collapse in the meantime. 🤞

hCaptcha ( looks like a promising potential alternative to reCAPTCHA - which of course needs to die a miserable and painful death. Going to give it (hCaptcha) a go on my current project, although still on the look-out for an effective open / self-hosted solution. Someone make one pls.

Brb watching all three Lord of the Rings extended editions to make myself feel better cause I need to be in a world where good finally triumphs over evil for a little bit.

After spending a long time looking, the best out of the seriously sparse set of options appeared to be Visual Captcha ( Unfortunately it seems it's no longer under active development.. Fingers crossed someone picks it up or something new comes along. A good, open, customisable, and privacy-respecting captcha open that developers deploy in place of ReCAPTCHA is desperately needed.

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Voting Green in this election, for a party who believes passionately in staying in the EU to reform, and tackling the climate crisis. However you (UK-based people) vote though, lets as much of us as possible get out and reject Farage and far-right hate.

This is an absurd and dangerous law which in creating an (albeit ineffective) online censorship system will achieve none of its (claimed) objectives, whilst infringing on peoples privacy, and granting hugely sensitive data to private companies with little safeguards.

Recently watched Love, Simon for the second time. Here's something I wrote last year post-first viewing, reflecting on why the film felt important and pretty profoundly resonated with me.. despite being a typical cliché bullshit Hollywood teen romcom in some (or a lot of) senses!

Second viewing prompted me to reread this, and despite being a little personal felt like sharing..

ReCAPTCHA is the bane of my life lately. I swear it's turned to just straight up mocking me now. For web developers, are there any decent Google-free, privacy-respecting, human-friendly, (preferably open source) alternatives?

Since when did The Guardian ( change their website colour scheme to mirror that of an Egyptian death mask?

This may well be one of the best genuine news articles I've ever read. If the headline alone doesn't pique your interest we have no more to say to each other.

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