Just loved "Norse Mix" by @SecretArchives@twitter.com on @mixcloud@twitter.com mixcloud.com/secretarchives/no

Get your dose of DarkCompass at mixcloud.com/darkcompass at the moment, @UK2@twitter.com are working on getting the mainsite back online.

Best New Metal Releases January 2021: Hulder, Dread Sovereign, Asphyx, D... youtu.be/9zGPPpc7-JU with @metalcomedy@twitter.com

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The early bird catches the... beer?

The queue is pretty low right now if you didn’t manage to grab your free beers yesterday 👌 twitter.com/brewdog/status/134

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BrewDog/status/134

Tune into @radiohrh@twitter.com this Friday for some great new tunes from @GaiaEpicus@twitter.com Sentry, Betrayed and more

We're getting close to DarkCompass 1000, be part of it by sending me some audio of where you heard us first, and anything in the shows you've enjoyed.

Featuring @TheHuOfficial@twitter.com @sgtthunderhoof@twitter.com @DeadShapeFigure@twitter.com @desertstormuk@twitter.com and more

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I just uploaded "DarkCompass - Hard Rock Hell Radio - Jan 8th 2021" to @mixcloud@twitter.com. Listen at mixcloud.com/darkcompass/darkc

Darkcompass website playing up. Talking to host. For now shows are on @mixcloud@twitter.com mixcloud.com/DarkCompass

Just loved "Hard Rock Hell Radio Chart Show - Episode 1 - 4th January 2021" by Tobester on @mixcloud@twitter.com mixcloud.com/DJ-Tobester/hard-

Not doing obits anymore, another Icon has gone in Alexi from @childrenofbodom@twitter.com after a a while being ill.

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On air now on hardrockhellradio.com/

The Countdown has started for the Hard Rock Hell Radio top 100.

100-81 has been unveiled and here is a recap. Keep tuned in as we head into 80-61

🐦🔗: twitter.com/radiohrh/status/13

On The Airwaves now ... @radiohrh@twitter.com

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It's that time again, @radiohrh@twitter.com are doing their Top 100 for the year starting at 12 noon this Friday with me doing 100-80. Tune in live at hardrockhellradio.com/live

🐦🔗: twitter.com/darkcompass/status

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