I’m on @teghpodcast@twitter.com this week reviewing one of my fave episodes with ⁦@thelovebug@twitter.com⁩ and ⁦@yannickmauray@twitter.com⁩ teaearlgreyhot.org/the-neutral

I’m unhappy. The version of GarageBand I’ve used for 10 years has now failed. It won’t start with kernel crashes. I have to install the new one. No ducking. That sucks. Might even go the whole hog and upgrade the macOS too.

Hang Ghost ift.tt/3kpfuvz ift.tt/eA8V8J 982 – Thrash, Hard Rock and stoner, all blended here with Tracks from Djerv, Demolizer and Sons of Otis. Djerv – (We Don’t) Hang No More 00:00 To Kill Achilles – 21:36 4:01 After the Calm – Captive 7:19 Demolizer – Can…

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This week, some great tracks coming your way - tune into @radiohrh@twitter.com this Friday at noon UK Time.

I dont understand football (soccer). Firstly, 22 millioniares running around a field kicking a ball of air. Secondly, televised games add in crowd sounds, who are you kidding? Obviously it's boring to watch if there's no jerring and yelling in the stalls.

Air Lied ift.tt/2GYvnL4 ift.tt/eA8V8J New tracks from Silvera, Sadheyena, Blues Pills and Pallbearer Silvera – No Air 0:00 Every Hour Kills – Anthelion 4:58 Fierce Heart – Built for Speed 9:18 After – Hollow 15:40 Sadheyena – Hit Me Harder 19:14 Metalriff – …

Tune into HRH Radio now for the latest DarkCompass ift.tt/2Jd0U8X @radiohrh@twitter.com @tunein@twitter.com

Don’t, whatever you do, throw washing powder into your eye. Firstly it hurts, secondly it doesn’t clean them.

Out Today - @Venomprison@twitter.com and their new album Primeval. There's some fantastic brutal tracks on this release, their latest single is certainly one of them. I've bought it twice without realising, on iTunes & Bandcamp! youtu.be/IzzP8yEWScE @ProstheticRcds@twitter.com

Today, I will be mostly listening to @VanHalen@twitter.com

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