Anybody who thinks that the big Exodus from #github to #gitlab is gonna happen now: that's wishful thinking. We're in a comparatively small bubble here, in the real world® nobody gives a shit.

I've had CI set up on GitLab with every PR. It took me *five clicks* from my repo's homepage to see if the last CI build was successful or not.

Untul GitLab starts:
1. federating between the instances, so that people only need 1 account,
2. making its interface less confusing,
... = shooting yourself in the foot.

That's why my code will remain on GitHub, and so will yours once you stop fooling yourself.

That said, the rumors about Microsoft buying GitHub *are* leaving me in an awkward stage.

Not because I *must* move away from GitHub, but because I need a mirror on my own server. Sure, GitLab can serve that purpose, but gogs/Gitea are so much less confusing.

Feel free to create mirrors on GitLab or whatever, but don't shoot yourself in the foot and lose all the contributions you've had so far in the process.

Perhaps instead of ?

I ain't until GitLab implements federation. At its current state, it's useless to move over there.

GitHub is successful because of its social aspect. I have ~100 repos on it. I have 5 accounts on 5 different GitLab servers, and <20 repos on all of them combined.

Number of pull requests on my GitHub repos from people unaffiliated with my projects: Hundreds.

Number of pull requests on my GitLab repos from people unaffiliated with my projects: Zero. None. Nada.

Google's PageSpeed Insights are such bullshit.

"You could make your HTML unreadable with view source to save 1.5 KiB on a 1.3 megabyte page."

TIL Harvey hid an easter egg in the 128-px scanner icon for elementary OS. This is something I recall Dan posting (on Tumblr, I think?) back in the day. It's a great little look into the sate of elementary OS from several years ago, and pretty fun seeing how far we've come since. And yeah, I think it still holds true.

✅ First intercontinental trip.
✅ First trip to the US.
✅ First visit to the Silicon Valley.
✅ First domestic flight.

Four things on my bucket list in one week.

Oh wow, no visual distinction that this is a reply to an update until you click it.

Not off to a good UX start.

I also don't know if the screenshot will disappear if I delete this link:

Some problems though:

1. I'd like to cross-post original updates (doable, takes about an hour).
2. I'd like to see all my notifications in one place (since their API doesn't handle likes, will Twitter block me if I scrape my own notifications page every X minutes?)
3. I need my main Mastodon feed to be relevant enough that I wouldn't need to look at the Twitter one often (maybe some bot to cross-post original tweets from people I like?)
4. I need to decide do I want to self-host my profile.

Hey @Gargron, It's kind of off-putting to potential donors that you list as a perk on Patreon when that URL is 404. You should probably fix that.

The new release of Signal has support for encrypting and sending arbitrary files. That's a very big deal: for many users it has long been an unsolved problem to securely share documents or recordings, and now it's as easy and sending a text. Update out now for Desktop, iOS, and Android!

Use public cloud they said. Nothing will go wrong they said.

Note: Dropbox doesn't have any bandwidth restrictions listed in their plans.

With news of selling user inbox info to Uber, lots of people are repeating "if you're not paying for it, you're the product."

I've said before, and will continue to say, that that is the wrong formulation. Sometimes you pay for it and you're still the product – look at US ISPs. Sometimes you don't pay for it and you're not the product – free software.

The real question is whether a software or service empowers users, which can't be boiled down to whether you paid.

Ah damn, instance seems to be unstable. Would love to create an account on some other Mastodon instance, but I've heard that there might be some consequences of using the same user name across the instances.

Any idea what does consequences might be?

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