eugen, rape apology 

alright im sorry i havent said anything because i dont know anything except i know that i believe survivors but eugen saying "take your evidence of rape to law enforcement" is such disgustingly offensive trash that i can't say nothing anymore. how utterly disappointing. im so sorry to everyone and anyone that this is affecting; i can only imagine how shitty it is to see the head of a platform pull some victim blaming apologist bullshit. i love you all.

hi pals now i have an account on this instance too. a holy trinity of instances

My new favorite picture theme is "cats trying to summon beings from a horrifying realm"

aaaa no i seem to have broken my guitar tuner and lost the instructions damn damn damn

remember when they gave Carly Rae Jepsen that inflatable sword & everyone was like "she got her sword!!" but she didn't have a sword. it was a glorified balloon. they gave her a balloon sword like some kind of clown, & they played you all for fools. WAKE UP.

the pew research center just called me a trad. i'm owned.

the author of this has written a whole book on the topic, and i'm resisting the urge to add it to my ever growing to read list

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'Did the Vatican steal Jesus' foreskin so people would shut up about the savior's penis?' is exactly the kind of article i want to read

you mean to say it’s cold when i get out of the shower now? summer im so sorry sweetie please come back i didn’t mean it

ableist words 

Hi pals, if you're going to use words like idiot, lame, dumb, moron or stupid, can you please put that under a content note. The tootsite is so far a better place for disabled people and we can keep it that way!

how did they do it? how did pulp so consistently put out such absolute bops?

it's nice not to know literally every bad thing in the world that happens the instant it happens

also, does anybody know of any good resources on the ethnic make up/bme communities in london over time? an american friend is asking, for a paper he’s working on

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