@pea good point. lets assume this is after the Nike factory workers seize the means of production.

@r6rider I love these, but seriously, in what universe are the GOP & Commies the same?

@Pinko_Angel i know, right? its completely absurd. i can only conclude that 2016 broke most liberals irreparably and we now have Jill Wine-mom all over MSNBC...

@r6rider Holy crap! I kinda want that pin now... LOL Jill Wine-mom 😂
I just... how do u conflate a party that wants to take away & privatize absolutely everything to an ideology that wants to make everything public & shared?
Thats a special stretch.

@r6rider It looks like the CPB symbol so uhhh, maybe not, lest I summom Gril Pheaves to call me a revisionist

If they aren't made in sweatshop conditions, or by children, but made by willing people, paid fair wages, who own their own means of production, fuck yeah I'd wear these kicks... Sorry to be a Buzz Killa.

@r6rider gotta love how capital would totally embrace this for the sake of profit. nothing is free from comodification

@r6rider A capitalist company using communist symbols for profit feels like Warner Brothers cashing in big time on people buying Guy Fawkes' masks all over again.

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