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nobody dies in my game

if Lance loses he goes to bed
if a regular enemy runs out of HP they just fly off the screen
if a boss loses then they're just like "you really got me with that one" and they give you a key to the castle gate and then leave

ME: Alright, collision detection. I don't like you, and you don't like me. But we're g-
ME: [Grimaces]

I think about this staff role from Taito's 'Crime City' from time to time

What is Mad Dog up to now

* Add music to be played on each scene

* Immediately mute it every time I do a test run

Kind of stumped / burned out on what to do with the engine right now, so I took a break and tried a different look for the cavern interiors. I never intended to have dark areas, but I guess that's not really avoidable when half the game takes place inside of tunnels with no apparent light source. Whoops.

Brief moment of confusion trying to figure out why a new animation won't freaking play.

Turns out I didn't actually save my changes to the graphic file.

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Spent entirely too much time trying to make bitmap pixel fonts. In the end, just making the DOSBox text mode font variable-width seems to look the best.

Needs more floating platforms. At least fifty-thousand more.

Added coins to test spawnpoints and animation, now feeling inscrutable urge to fill the map with them, even though I generally don't like large numbers of collectables in platformers. S-send help

Got carried away testing collision detection, making sure that large bounding boxes don't fall through smaller tiles defined as obstacles, and realized that an enormous character trying to get around close-quarter locations might be a better idea than what I'm working on right now.

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I spent some time this evening messing with a Love2d project that I hadn't touched in about three months. Map integration, tile attributes and collision detection were all broken in various ways. I got enough of it working that Mr. Bear can now wander this test map without becoming stuck in a wall, or falling into the depths of space.

It's a strange feeling when things go from being thoroughly busted, to suddenly working. Like a dilapidated building renovating itself.

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