why does everything portfolio-related make me want to bury myself in fiddler crabs

god just thinking about portfolios is making me nauseous. O Lord Satan, give me the confidence of a straight white guy

the good news is that unemployment finally came through and ponied up some cash and I've got some interviews coming up

aaa roommate wants me to put together a portfolio so she can recommend me to a dev studio, I can't take the pressure

Fun's fun, but you probably shouldn't actually suck your spotter's dick while doing the bench press. That's dangerous

I somehow got too fat to clip my own toenails, what do I do...

did you know? Final Fantasy Legend wasn't originally a Final Fantasy game. It was actually a re-skin of a Japan-only game called "Doki Doki Panic," and

I loathe the character designs in FFXIII deeply, so I made a redesign of Lightning and you know what? I'm not sharing it, I'm going to make it a new character and keep it for myself. She's mine now.

this close to emailing my temp agency with the message, "We haven't heard from you in a week, so we're closing your file. We wish you all the best in your employee search!!!"

Dang, I did all the self-care things and my brainswitch is still stuck in the "Sad" position. Thanks a lot, brain, gold star, keep up the good work you bowling-ball-sized wad of ABD gum squatting in my cranial studio apartment

wow, that caffeine crash was EPIC. Sure wish I didn't have to pound caffeine pills and wash them down with cola to get the slightest smidge of energy


I bought myself my favorite takeout, happy v day to me

Maybe a job shouldn't say that they're located in Portland, OR if the first question is "this job requires relocation, are you willing to move to China"

I keep forgetting that I'm an alleged musician, I listened to this today and could hardly believe it was me rabbitrabbit.bandcamp.com/albu

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