I'm building a decentralized social media app, , based on secure scuttlebutt, not mastodon/activitpub and i'd love to share it with people here who are interested in helping me alpha test it.

@rabble First time I hear about SSB, and I'm curious about it.

Also I'm interested on helping you!

@rabble you're making a social media platform based on a system where it's impossible to delete anything ever?

@rabble will this be a web client or a mobile app?

Honest criticism of the basis of your project 

@rabble "Wouldn't you rather have a social network that ... was open by default?"

Fuck no! I want a social network that is closed by default, so I can CHOOSE who I want to share my life with.

Sharing anything meaningful requires consent, and if I can't withdraw it, then it is not consent.

This is my sincere opinion.

If you want, I'm open to further discussion on where we diverge in opinion and/or where there's flaws in our respective world views.

@rabble the home page scared me away. I want a decentralized social network, why would you need my email address? Also, who is "we"?

I've been mildly using SSB for one year, by the way.

@rabble I personally prefer ActivityPub networks but I think Scuttlebutt is a cool thing,too.I only had a look at your website so far.It looks good but please remove the Google third-party from it.That's very bad for privacy and totally useless because you can easily host the font yourself.But you don't have to.It also looks good here where the font is completely blocked.

@rabble Will it interact with the current Secure Scuttlebutt network?

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