RT @SaraJBenincasa@twitter.com: I appreciate that Nancy went to the coffee clatch and straight up told Donald “you’re a dumbass” and then put on an elegant Jackie O circa 1972 Manhattan romantic getaway coat and told all the girls outside “I didn’t want to be rude and say ‘dumb motherfucker.’”

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maybe “a christmas prince 2: royal wedding” wasn’t total ridiculousness

nail polish “protocol”


RT @jm_mcgrath@twitter.com: This by @bigcitypolitics@twitter.com is worth your time if you haven't read it already. About the politics of places growth leaves behind. inroadsjournal.ca/ontarios-pla

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RT @jeremynewberger@twitter.com: Trump's morning commute is a hallway filled with statues and paintings of far greater men. twitter.com/AdamParkhomenko/st

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*yawns, stretches, eyes the UK parliament*

what’s this? a no-confidence vote? what a wonderful and useful parliamentary feature

one that parties should definitely use when their leaders are shown to be useless, deceitful, and/or corrupt!

RT @goldsbie@twitter.com: Oh good, Doug Ford's nephew is set to become one of the seven civilians overseeing the Toronto Police. twitter.com/GraphicMatt/status

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RT @MercedesGlobal@twitter.com: As an aside on the Ron Taverner stuff... police sources who know Taverner were unanimously stunned when he was named OPP Commissioner. Not in a good way. Toronto Police mostly thought it was mind boggling or hilarious. OPP sources were quite angry.

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It's 2018, and basic twitter etiquette: everyone, stop doing this.
RT @rachelmack@twitter.com @nfitz1@twitter.com Stop tagging Ford on my tweets and putting me in hashtags I don’t want to be in.

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RT @bruce_arthur@twitter.com: But where did the money for Ontario Proud come from? Well, about 90% came from corporations, and primarily housing companies like @mattamyhighrise@twitter.com! Also, uh, the people who own @yogenfruz@twitter.com. twitter.com/sabrinananji/statu

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RT @c_9@twitter.com: Here's what @JohnTory@twitter.com has recommended and decided about so far. The urban core of the city will be left without a seat at the table for a third term in a row, despite huge upheaval on the horizon. Discouraging.

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RT @GraphicMatt@twitter.com Striking Committee’s recommended TTC Board appointees include Jim Karygiannis, enthusiastic backer of a Sheppard Subway extension, and Jennifer McKelvie, who wants to return to the three-stop Scarborough subway plan.

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RT @dmrider@twitter.com: @jm_mcgrath@twitter.com This would appear to be a threat from the premier's office against OPP officials making information public

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Do not tag Derg (or any PC operatives) when jumping into threads, thanks.

pretty sure people get more time for like pot possession in the US but ok
RT @CNNPolitics@twitter.com BREAKING: Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison cnn.it/2EtpNNQ

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RT @CBCAlerts@twitter.com: BREAKING: Independent Ontario watchdog who has been reviewing the Thunder Bay police force recommends that at least 9 deaths of Indigenous people be reinvestigated. He also cites a 'crisis of trust' in the northwestern Ontario city: cbc.ca/1.4942388

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RT @Mikeggibbs@twitter.com: Here's to 2 public servants who countered corrupt Ford govt behavior:

Interim OPP Commish Brad Blair called for an investigation and publicly detailed an "off the books" order for a car from Ford's CoS.

And Cindy Veinot who refused to sign off on a bogus deficit number.

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