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UPDATE: Facebook JUST took this page down. Like so many things it took the sleuthing of @slpng_giants@twitter.com -- not a multi-billion dollar company -- to identify the issue twitter.com/slpng_giants/statu

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oh well then legal compliance can just lump it I guess

it’s always so funny how conservatives are “rule of law” people until they aren’t and that line is always drawn right at their heels

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A deputant called Black Krishna notes that Goldy got 25,000 votes in the election. "She has millions of fans worldwide and helps people feel informed and happy."

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(It has been campaign audited not compliance audited.)

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"My mayoral campaign has already been audited by an independent professional," says Goldy.

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@antihateca@twitter.com (Campaigns need an auditor to sign off on their financials, but it's typically just a matter of making sure the numbers add up. Compliance audits are about ensuring compliance with the law.)

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I've had some requests to explain what I mean by the financialization of housing. Here's a handy resource from the UN: ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Housing/Pa

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Who's covering the US's ? Male journalists dominate, especially online @womensmediacntr@twitter.com data shows qz.com/1605819/

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After the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire in London, members of the town council and tenant management organization didn’t do photo ops. They did work, helping people non-stop. The response? Everyone hated them because they thought they didn’t care, *even the tenants they helped*

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Here’s a crazy idea: Let’s not blame politicians for doing photo ops and press conferences during disasters when the alternative is us angrily demanding where they were during the crisis because we didn’t see them getting their hands dirty on TV.

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6/ That lack of prosecution allowed 8chan to flourish, essentially giving it a thumbs up to continue.

I had two separate meetings with the Obama White House about Gamergate. I consider Eric Holder’s lack of action to be one of the biggest failures of that administration.

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5/ The story of what happened next has been reported at length in WaPo and other sites.

The short version is the @FBI@twitter.com never looked at any of this information, and never seriously looked at my case of any of the other women targeted by Gamergate, even though congress stepped in.

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Dems need to go faster. Trump's lifetime strategy has been running out the clock. He does this to dodge accountability, overwhelming law enforcement and attempting to exhaust opponents. Meanwhile the atrocities continue. Act now: this is a crisis, not a little legal dispute. twitter.com/ThePlumLineGS/stat

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White nationalists hating books, history and facts is precisely how they became white nationalists. twitter.com/jonathanmetzl/stat

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The dirty secret of US politics is that soaking the rich is actually incredibly popular. A great deal of energy is expended in trying to obscure this fact. twitter.com/daveweigel/status/

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Warren explaining the wealth tax: "How many people here own a home?" Most hands go up. "You’ve been paying a wealth tax for years. They just call it a property tax. I just want their tax to include the diamonds, the yachts, and the Rembrandts."

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UFYH knows Endgame and GOT were both very long and emotionally draining and ate your weekend.

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If you didn’t do as well on your to-do list as you’d hoped this weekend, set aside 20 minutes each day this week to catch up a bit. You don’t have to like it, and you can complain all you want, but you *will* feel better once it’s done.

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Say, would this have anything to do with the garbage overflowing everywhere + the city's bullshit ongoing austerity program?

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