How men conduct themselves at work. I think though this survey was only for American men. It would be interesting to repeat this in other countries to see if the results are replicated in other cultures.

"Traveling is just like anything else. You get out what you put in. If you want to take the shortcut and take it easy because you’re tired, then you’ll get a piece of the pie, but not all of it."

« In 2016 NewsCorp paid $0 tax on its weekly taxable income of $56000000!

So, Newscorp hands over $0 a week for Pensions, $0 a wk on Family Payments, $0 a wk on NDIS payments, $0 a wk on the Unemployed & $0 a wk on Healthcare & $0 a week on Defence. Disgraceful.  »

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"Cash-strapped forces need to be smarter with how they use their limited resources, so taking advantage of new technology and citizen reporting makes sense."

This is how it's done: huge front page headline lie, tiny little miniscule "oops actually that was wrong".

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