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Shoutout to all Muslim. Please pray for me for success and luck. Thank you :blobaww:

Hi Mr @arh , would u help me to convert librejs firefox addon to chromium addon?

Brutaldon is a client for Mastodon. You can use it to log in to any Mastodon instance from any browser, including text browsers such as lynx.

You do not need a separate brutaldon account to use it. Brutaldon will authenticate you to your instance.

I think i should sell my phone and buy xiaomi for lineage os 😁

my current phone is Vivo V11 Pro and i want to buy Xiaomi Pocophone F1

So RedHat is contributing to kernel, libreoffice, pipewire, wayland, and today I got to know it's the only company funding work on libinput:

What the heck is Canonical and others are doing?

Hi Mr @arh , whats your experience with Lineage OS? Would you tell to me?

I wonder what device are you use now

If you're very confident running your own server, you can self-host your own instance of any Fediverse platform.

Here are some installation instructions for advanced users:

BookWyrm (Goodreads alternative)

Friendica (Facebook alternative)

FunkWhale (music and podcasts)

Mastodon (Twitter alternative)

Mobilizon (Facebook Events alternative)

PeerTube (YouTube alternative)

PixelFed (Instagram alternative)

WriteFreely (Medium alternative)

If you're not an advanced user, or if you don't like doing server maintenance/installation, try one of the easier options mentioned in previous posts in this thread.

#FediTips #Fediverse #SelfHosting

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Shoutout to all Muslim. Please pray for me for success and luck. Thank you :blobaww:

Also, I find that studying on legacy hardware with limited specs holds me back from getting distracted and wasting time. Below a screen dump and a pic of my IBM Thinkpad running NetBSD/i386.
Using Zathura as .pdf reader while streaming Echoes of Bluemars with mplayer.

#retrocomputing #thinkpad #32bit #netbsd
#screenshot #minimalism #medicine #focus

I have the right to give a copy of my own files to anybody I want. That's mine and I have every right to do whatever I want with it. Whether corporations can profit from that or not is not my concern. They name this piracy, I name it basic human right.

@radhitya hopefully @Gargron will do something about it. This case is very important for Mastodon and the GPL license family.

sad fact, they turned mastodon into proprietary πŸ˜‚

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Is your school forcing you to use Zoom, Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? That's a violation of your educational rights. Support #FreeSoftware

People around the world use sites that rely on proprietary JavaScript - often without realizing it. Nonfree JavaScript subjugates users in the same way as any piece of proprietary software. We should reject it.

I want to say thanks to @jxself for linux-libre debian repository. Now, i can using linux-libre without compile the kernel.

Sometimes i get jealous with America or Europe. Because their place have big community of open source.

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