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I'm a Scottish/German software engineer based in Romania, arriving here as part of the current exodus. Interested in FOSS, motorcycles and music.

I'm not sure if I even really need a social media account, but I'm interested to see what this is like.

Oh no. I just imagined the Starlink satellites as the low-earth orbit equivalent of AOL CDs. :flan_XD:

just realised that systemd's WantedBy directive is equivalent to INTERCAL's COMEFROM command

What really gets my knickers in a twist is that the local high school was forced to dispose of these nifty little machines for $25 a pop only because #Google ended #ChromeOS support for this #Chromebook model. It posed a security risk and they were forced to purchase new Chromebooks. This planned obsolescence diverts money from already strained schools into Google's pockets and likely generates an obscene amount of e-waste. Not cool.

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#introduction #introductions

I'm into:

#vim, #neovim
#Cinnamon desktop
Tiling Window Managers
#programming #lua

I post writing on my own blog and on the #fediverse. I post videos primarily on a #selfhosted #peertube server and sometimes on #lbry. I no longer post video to #youtube.

If you have similar interests, consider following me. It'd be great to connect with you!

I'm working on #InfiniTime companion app for Linux phone/desktop. It can connect to #PineTime smart watch, read various data from it, sync time, perform OTA updates, expose media player controls. More features are on the roadmap.


Welp, looks like I'm part of a round of layoffs. If anyone out there's is hiring, or has leads, I'm on the market. I'm specifically looking for a remote, backend-focused senior position at a mission-driven company. My last ~10 years has been in fintech, but anything trying to make the world a better place is interesting to me.

Use of Lisp, Rust, or some other interesting language is a big plus.

Boosts appreciated!

Speaking of cryptocurrencies and #web3, if you have not read @pluralistic 's piece "Moneylike", read it now:

It does a great job of synthesizing Graber's "Debt. The first 5000 years" into a few paragraphs, and then builds on that to explain why the whole push for "web3" is happening. And why it's a problem.

If that makes you want to read "Debt...", all the better!

@JustineSmithies I worked at GitHub for 5 years. I stayed on over a year after Microsoft bought them. I have no moral high ground here; I'm bobbing in the sea. GitLab's interface is anathema to me and I love my network effects, so it's going to be real hard for me to switch.

On the other hand, I think the way that CoPilot works is deeply unethical. On top of that, the person who is in charge of the project is the biggest asshole that I've ever had the displeasure of working with. I won't use it. I wasn't even willing to try it when I had early access to it. I think it deserves to be sued into oblivion and I don't understand why it hasn't been yet.

In honor of World Give Up GitHub day, here's a quick guide to how to serve up your own git repos.

In an empty directory readable from WWW (that has the URL you want your repo to have, for cloning) that you also can write to over SSH, run

git init --bare
mv hooks/post-update.sample hooks/post-update

Make sure the directory has the permissions you want for web (world readable, not writable).

Set the SSH path to the directory as a remote on your local copy of the repo, and push to it and you're done.

Things I'm trying to fix on myself:

When making comments about broken code, instead of "You did this, which is wrong", I try to use "The code does this, which is wrong".

The person is not the problem, the code is.

Hey I found an open source menstrual cycle tracking app called Drip that doesn't call home to anyone and encrypts your data on your device. It's gender inclusive and it has a prebuilt version Android that you can get either on F-Droid or on their site here:

They have an iOS version but it's not pre compiled. I'll be working on that today so you can get loaded onto your Apple devices, along with the instructions to install it on said Apple device.

Please boost so others can see this!

My worker co-op, Open Data Services, is hiring for two developer roles.

We're employee owned, we work remotely (although UK only), and all the code we write is open source.

See this twitter thread for a summary:

Or go straight to the job ads:
🟣 Data Visualisation Web Developer:
🟣 Python Software Developer:

someone just told me my "communist empire is falling to pieces" and i cannot emphasize enough that when you try to insult someone, it is crucial to not accidentally make them sound way cooler or more powerful than they actually are

When you're in a dystopic society but you're just resigned to it, that's Ohwellian.

web browser poll, curiosity 

So, what do you use? , , , or ? If you are using something else please reply - there's only 4 slots for polls, so I had to limit the choices. Please to get a better response on this poll.

hi fedi i would like* to once again participate in capitalism

* i have no choice

- live in germany
- strongly prefer remote
- (at least somewhat) flexible work hours are a must
- speak english and german natively
- would prefer working in a coop or a smaller company
- queer friendly is a big plus

i have a diverse skillset spanning from hardware design to low and high level software. more details in thread.


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