I wasted my time on Twitter.
See you after I take a nap.

You would think they're owned by Google. My accounts have been - and that is when the ebd is near. Google does whatever it wants with Twitter, and Twitter acc'ts are mere toys to them.

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It's going to take some work to get the numbers up here. "radiocron" was one of several accounts ransacked and destroyed while "locked" by Twitter, so assholes could have their way with it.

I J'ai été si lent à abandonner sur Twitter - mais c'est complètement foutu. L'auteur de Twitter - Evan Williams - en aurait distribué des parts depuis l'année dernière. I il m'en a donné, et les vendre et financer mon projet.

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Now that this channel seems viable and responsive, I'll take off until I have something substantial to share, and that will hopefully be soon.

Anything I've said about Twitter being organized as a non-profit is complete bullshit. Sorry, They are a Delaware corporation, and in 2016 were ready to sell out to various interested parties, including Disney and Alphabet (Google). So yes, they are just another turd afloat in the corporate sewer.

It seems Twitter wants nothing to do with anything related to IndyRadio - accounts were locked or suspended coincident to the posting of live Bernie Sanders videos and a protest at Biden HQ in Iowa. re: @iRadioTube

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US government censorship?

Social media giants disappear accounts of Iranian and Venezuelan academics, journalists.

@anyaparampil@twitter.com talks to Iranian academic @s_m_marandi@twitter.com about the removal of his Facebook account under apparent US pressure:


Did anyone notice how stock headed upward when it became clear they'd win their tax case? Details at independent.co.uk or ask me


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