I wasted my time on Twitter.
See you after I take a nap.

You would think they're owned by Google. My accounts have been - and that is when the ebd is near. Google does whatever it wants with Twitter, and Twitter acc'ts are mere toys to them.

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It's going to take some work to get the numbers up here. "radiocron" was one of several accounts ransacked and destroyed while "locked" by Twitter, so assholes could have their way with it.

I J'ai été si lent à abandonner sur Twitter - mais c'est complètement foutu. L'auteur de Twitter - Evan Williams - en aurait distribué des parts depuis l'année dernière. I il m'en a donné, et les vendre et financer mon projet.

@poemproducer do you trust billionaires, at all? At least Ev - the Twitter billionaire (allegedly) has been giving away shares since last year We need the Free Internet we thought we had in 1991, and I will be on systems like this one more frequently.

@prateekwaghre let us know when they start promulgating little Modi statues that you can pray to.

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@Shitlord@dobbs.town gimme some Slack. Reverend, I am ready for it.
Bring it!

@Malkabethwendy @BernieOrVest thanks for reminding me to delete this - where I got the idea of Twitter having ever had "non profit" status is a wonder - but it's not true - Twitter is a Delaware corporation

@BernieOrVest he's old enough to remember real Democrats, and Bernie is in deed one.

@BernieOrVest I don't think his tenure as mayor would hold up well to closer inspection. ahem.

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