pissed off because not only are cops murdering people, I had to work late to fix a security bug in my boss's crappy code today

wait I think I figured it out.

x-amz-acl does seem to be working, I just forgot to grant s3:PutObjectAcl.

This is all very complicated. There really ought to be a way to just configure the BUCKET to say "if anything is uploaded to me, I am the new owner".

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Are any of you knowledgeable about S3 cross-account permissions?

Configuring an S3 bucket for cross-account upload is a frickin' nightmare.

There's no way to just allow them to upload objects as per normal, and make sure I can then access those objects. You have to force the uploader to pass additional parameters, from what I can tell.

And I'm trying to use `x-amz-acl` of `bucket-owner-full-control` but it doesn't seem to be doing anything

I love my uwu

But no, really, it's awesome. I haven't ridden in 15 years and I am zooming around my town already after a week back to it.

I am happily surprised to learn that my north Dallas neighborhoods are relatively bike-friendly.

I don't understand why I need to pass `--cache-from` arguments to `docker build`. Surely searching the entire set of local images/layers hashes would be trivial?

Ordered a bicycle. I haven't really ridden since I was 15 or so. I'm hyped!

Is Google Cloud Run still the only container-based auto-scaling PaaS that can scale to 0? (i.e., no charge while there is no traffic)

I was trying to figure out if Azure ASE can do it, and it doesn't seem so.

I mulled some apple lambic the other night and it turned out REALLY nice.

- 12oz apple lambic
- butter
- brown sugar
- cinnamon stick
- slice of orange peel
- 1/2 orange's juice
- 2oz sailor jerry's

split it into two small cups to share.

(all hot boozy drinks should have butter in them. Might try that with glühwein too.)

last week I wrote some code using "rust-aws-lambda", which was a crate that implemented support in AWS Lambda by piggybacking on Go's support. AWS announced official Rust support, like, three days later 😭

but porting it to the new crate was ezpz.

Does anyone know of any dynamically typed programming language that *doesn't* have null/nil/None?

Obviously you could just use `0` or even define `class None: pass`, but I'm wondering if any DT language has ever even tried to discourage it.

Turns out I need to rewrite my AST transformer to apply transformations in eval-order instead of parse-order (out-to-in). Or maybe it needs to support both? Time to find out.


and we're live! handler_map is a data structure that can map a type to a function that receives it, like a message handler github.com/QuietMisdreavus/han #rustlang

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I've been working on a language bytecode compiler and VM lately, in .

It's been a really long time since I've messed around in this space, but I've gone farther than ever. I guess I've picked up a lot of knowledge of compiler implementation through osmosis over the years.

It's a little language meant for embedding called Safelisp. The idea is to make it secure enough to run untrusted code. Of course, WASM is obviously the better option here; this is just a fun side project.

Some people I know started vanity channels on IRC or mailing lists to fill this need. The whole concept was offensively arrogant to me. And now it's just outdated.

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There needs to be a place that I feel comfortable chatting with friends in a group environment on the Internet. All the social networks I use are too public. I used to revel in public discourse, but now I find it freaking oppressive.

IRC used to fill this need for me, but it was really incidental. I made friends with the people who worked on the same open source projects that I worked on, or nerdy subjects I was involved in. But I now know those kinds of groups are inappropriate for social chat

I actually think Microsoft would probably improve GitHub.

Who of you out there love to figure out weird file permissions issues?

"Why does Git for Windows create repositories that I can't delete from a command line?"


this library called "luigi" that I'm using for pipeline / batch processing stuff apparently re-uses instances of subclasses of its Task class (by way of a metaclass that overrides __call__). it mentions this it a tiny section at the very bottom of the page on defining Tasks... and of course this code I'm using seems to have been completely unaware of this caching, so there's all kinds of mysterious mutable-data-sharing going on

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