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Gotta figure out how to work issues in git/GitLab and merge? Need a git for idiots book

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-to-self Script to delete non-pinned toots from an account every few days.

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I have yet to do an toot so I guess the time has come.

Most folk will remember me as whistlewright.

I am currently studying to become an employable/employed

Outside of professional interests I am a with some published works. I try to live a lifestyle. Also we try to life a little more of a lifestyle. We hope to go soon.

I try to use but I am not overly religious about it.

just found a nifty little trick for when decides to hang. Spam C-g a few times and it might unfreeze

I say I will finish Warehouse 13 tonight... It took me longer to watch Battlestar Galactica than the series was on tv

Think I will finish Warehouse 13 tonight. I only have a couple of episodes to go

Some days one doesn't want to be at work. Nothing is wrong. I just don't want to be here today.

Ok so the other mastodon account that I setup has quit working already. *sigh* Beginning to not like all of this stuff again

So I think that, fianlly, I have a comibinetion of tools that works for me in both my work life and my personal life. All that is left really is detail.

Details like:
-Telegram on
-generating new gpg keys and learning how to use them on emacs
-some off-of-emacs epub reader (not calibre as it is huge)
-Working with and making that happen instead of my weird and scary Dropbox configuration


ok this may take more time than I have to invest tonight but I am intrigued by syncthing

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Ok so I am giving this a try. It may take me a bit to figure it out so hang on.

I wonder what will happen if I set my org directory in .emacs to the orgzly directory in Dropbox? What the heck?! Let's try it! Here someone hold my beer

I guess the is for a newer version of Andriod than mine and that is why I couldn't get it to work earlier.

Want to see if the admin here has a way to change my username to my beloved whistlewright. I'd hate to open another dang account and have everyone try to figure out who the hell I am or if I have lost my ever lovin mind

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