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Gotta figure out how to work issues in git/GitLab and merge? Need a git for idiots book

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-to-self Script to delete non-pinned toots from an account every few days.

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I have yet to do an toot so I guess the time has come.

Most folk will remember me as whistlewright.

I am currently studying to become an employable/employed

Outside of professional interests I am a with some published works. I try to live a lifestyle. Also we try to life a little more of a lifestyle. We hope to go soon.

I try to use but I am not overly religious about it.

Some days one doesn't want to be at work. Nothing is wrong. I just don't want to be here today.

Ok so the other mastodon account that I setup has quit working already. *sigh* Beginning to not like all of this stuff again

So I think that, fianlly, I have a comibinetion of tools that works for me in both my work life and my personal life. All that is left really is detail.

Details like:
-Telegram on
-generating new gpg keys and learning how to use them on emacs
-some off-of-emacs epub reader (not calibre as it is huge)
-Working with and making that happen instead of my weird and scary Dropbox configuration


ok this may take more time than I have to invest tonight but I am intrigued by syncthing

Ok so I am giving this a try. It may take me a bit to figure it out so hang on.

I wonder what will happen if I set my org directory in .emacs to the orgzly directory in Dropbox? What the heck?! Let's try it! Here someone hold my beer

I guess the is for a newer version of Andriod than mine and that is why I couldn't get it to work earlier.

Want to see if the admin here has a way to change my username to my beloved whistlewright. I'd hate to open another dang account and have everyone try to figure out who the hell I am or if I have lost my ever lovin mind

5/? I can focus on learning and maybe study and learn how to make work with webDAV instead of Dropbox

4/? Long and the short of it is that I think that I am going to do the same thing to the phone. Having stripped down devices makes things easier and significantly lowers the learning curve for a stupid guy like me

3/? Well having only the emacs browser has made it difficult to post to my usual social things... except that I do have and . So I am pretty much relegated (on this computer anyway) to posting via mastodon-mode

2/? I figured out that night that I can save an org file to Dropbox and use it on this computer and on my phone via the app called and on the Windows10 computer at the office. Problem with the set up is Dropbox which I don't trust but it works so that is a plus at this point...

So a few nights ago I pulled a bonehead stunt. My daily computer has very limited space and I got tired of futzing with it so I started deleting heavy programs. I stripped this box down to , mplayer, veracrypt, LibreCad for work, gpg, and the supernerd things on a computer that I am scared to mess with. 1/?

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