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Gotta figure out how to work issues in git/GitLab and merge? Need a git for idiots book

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-to-self Script to delete non-pinned toots from an account every few days.

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I have yet to do an toot so I guess the time has come.

Most folk will remember me as whistlewright.

I am currently studying to become an employable/employed

Outside of professional interests I am a with some published works. I try to live a lifestyle. Also we try to life a little more of a lifestyle. We hope to go soon.

I try to use but I am not overly religious about it.

By the by experts can I put :tags: in notes and have them be searchable? Man so much to learn...

hehehehe... got capture to work in -mode.... now I have to figure out how to make templates for it!!!

Tweaking my emacs config for org-capture. I'll be right back. rox!

So I have been incorporating into my workflow. I've been poking around at it for years but never really tried to use it in real life. I can say that if you want learn it then use it

Ok I have had a blast over the last couple of days trying to figure out how to incorporate into my workflow. I think that I can make it happen nicely. I need to figure out how to do some styling to pretty the cutlists up for customers and co-workers but I am becoming comfortable with the basics.

I wish I had known about git before we set Goog Drive up at the office. Remarkably enough, git is easier to use the way I am set up.

Bet me I can't achieve inbox zero! This client has a big honking trash button right at the top. It only took a minute to be all caught up

Of course the big question is will I remember how to do it tomorrow?

Also got to show inline images (sort of) so I guess all in all I did ok tonight

OK, I did get to export to pdf so I am feeling a little better about myself now.

I tell you what... there are days I really don't think computers are a good idea at all.

Maybe one of these days I will get my email put on emacs too! <laughing hysterically>

OK been a while since I ran some updates to my emacs packages. I think that I am now running the latest and greates , , and .el now

Yesterday I was all like "I am gonna build a web page and have a fancy writers portfolio and become famous and change the world and fart rainbow sparkles and all that."

Today I am all like "this world wide web nonsense is a damned waste of my time and when I get home I am cancelling the internet and going back to carrier pigeons."

I wonder if I am tired.

Just got pummeled by rain and some hail. We probably list this year's crops. 2 for 2 so far

Reading The Book. My head is spinning in a git pool right now. I didn't know it was this powerful a tool.

unless I have lost my noggin somewhere, a very real possibility, it looks like I can do things in GitLab through a web browser

Gotta figure out how to work issues in git/GitLab and merge? Need a git for idiots book

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