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Gotta figure out how to work issues in git/GitLab and merge? Need a git for idiots book

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-to-self Script to delete non-pinned toots from an account every few days.

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I have yet to do an toot so I guess the time has come.

Most folk will remember me as whistlewright.

I am currently studying to become an employable/employed

Outside of professional interests I am a with some published works. I try to live a lifestyle. Also we try to life a little more of a lifestyle. We hope to go soon.

I try to use but I am not overly religious about it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the world famous whistlewright from various locales around the web like loadaverage and parlementum. The fickleness of the internet has landed me here.

Here happens to be a new creation by the guy who built smtp, the original Friendica, Red Matrix, Hubzilla, and maybe a few other things that I am unaware of. Supposedly anyone with a social app running Activity Pub can connect to me here. I am not sure what all runs Activity Pub but on the list are things like Mastodon, Pleroma, Plume, PixelFed. FunkWhale, PeerTube etc etc. That is not an exhaustive list.

I can verify it works well with Mastodon and can explain how you can connect to me from there. I have never had accounts on some of the other things so I am not sure how they work . As soon as I know I will let you know. I will maintain my account and for a short time so we can work out how to connect with each other but this will be my primary account.

Most of the posts that I make will be to a private friends group. They do show up in your timelines on other services but they will not show up in the public timeline on this service.  It is my hope that I can keep out some people whose sole aim in life is apparently being as rude as possible about topics of scant interest to me. I call them #awa

Please don't fret that the timeline on this page doesn't update often. I am here and will post often.

Thank you for your time,

It might be easier for folks wanting to connect with me to go to and look for a button that says "Connect"

Provided it remains stable and keeps on its foundation and all my new social media home will be @ whistlewright @ osada . usezot . net

Please follow me there if you so choose

Ok friends romans and countrymen, You will probably be getting a follow from whistlewright @ That is me. This is still alpha stuff but if it works out I will move over there

Ok, so a little more playing with the AWD-IDE app on Kindle tonight. It will allow me to 'git init' an online repo. I'd like it if i could create a git locally and be able to either email it or put it on a flashdrive and sneakernet it to folks. It might do it i am not sure. This app doesn't come with much in the way of documentation.

I am not sure that I ever want to meet a person who does their web development on a handheld device. I'd bet that they are a little on the nutso side. At one time I was allowed to play on a friend's server. At the time all I had computer-wise was this Kindle and a cellphone. Just about everything can be done with these devices but somethings probably should not be done

I have an old Kindle and i bought an app called AWD-IDE which I believe stands for Android Web Development IDE. After some playing i figured out it can clone a git repo and push to the repo as well. Cool.

It is also cool that I can 'git init' locally as well

Just learned about the which was a sinking of the RMS Laconia by a Uboat in 1942 and the sub was subsequently attacked by the USAAF. A little weirdness in the story.

Why do they call it "social" media? It seems to be naught but politics and religion. Finding "social" in social media is turning into more work than it's probably worth

I can't stand to go to my gnusocial provider anymore. The stream on the front page is nothing but politics, atheism, and rms. Ugh!

Just not into TV tonight. Not sure if I have a book around here to read or not. Surely I do somewhere

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