narcissus' previous incarnation could not be further from their current iteration

My style hasn't really ~improved~ but I feel that my grasp of unique concepts and shapes has.

Mythandos never got arcane tattoos. Without a ley conduit on his skin, magic pricks through as tiny luminescent freckles.

Here's some info on Mythandos since you guys were interested from the last post!
-He's a shal'dorei noble who aided thalyssra's resistance, but got exiled at the turning point of the revolution. He has no home in the alliance or horde
-He wears what's basically a house arrest anklet but made of druid wood
-He's a shadow user, illusion master, and so-so assassin
-He's prom king and queen, simultaneously

I have so many OCs... are there any you want to know more about?

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