Depoliticizing education and stigmatizing student activism are together the most dangerous tricks pulled by the global elite in the last 3 decades.

My second piece, with substantial contributions from @sritara, for Frontline India magazine where I contextualize the rise of in India.

Comedians are vocalising all sorts of issues better than mainstream media. Unfortunate as it might be, here's a great speech by Mr. Sacha Cohen aka , pointing out the problems with monopoly social networks.

Struggling to parse papers from ? Use this neat interface with abstract, thumbnails and library functions.
It is also

Maybe will be able to look at all this data (that is personally identifiable) and find cures.
Or more realistically, they will get better at selling "targeted" drugs to patients.

While not good enough, has done a lot of useful regulation on this front in .

@stateastic Thanks for the pointer. Let's curate one as we go along then!

As you see, pace does not scale linearly with distance. Proven again.

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Well, I am also into pretty regularly by now. Most recent stats.

Currently I am focused on a diverse set of ML research ranging from neuroscience applications to urban mobility.
I use approximate inference predominantly, both with and without involved in it.

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Is there an instance of ? Specifically looking for research people!
On a related note, yes I do ML.

Have you noticed the cute "What's on your mind" tooting graphic?

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Alright folks -- Do you have questions about how historians think and make claims about the past? Ask away.

@vincentvikram Hey Mr. Vikram. I had an account for about an year but no one to talk to :P

After a hiatus of a couple of years (while stressing about my PhD) I have gotten back to writing. This time I write for , wherein I review a book I read recently.

The book, "New Dark Age", is highly recommended and available on VersoBooks


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