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I'm rahul and Baked Samosa is another kind of samosa one can find in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, which is where I hail from. I'm a Violinist a Sound Engineer/designer from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.
I'm currently jobless which explains what am I doing here at 2:14 AM while crackers are bursting on the occasion of Choti Diwali. Salute Comrades. Elephant over chirpy or MarkZu

I wonder if Modi-Shah's BJP is gonna rule in next term. Doesnt seem so

Cat pics are filling up my timeline, i am supposed to focus :blobpats:

Is now an Ubuntu user. Transition complete! Bye bye, Microsoft Windows. So long, and thanks for all the fish 🐟

I am very happy to inform that I will be taking part in the 'UNPACKING RESERVATIONS IN INDIA: THEORY, PRACTICE, AND BEYOND' symposium organized by the National Law School of India Review at Bangalore tomorrow. I will also speak in SESSION II – MAPPING THE RESERVATIONS LANDSCAPE: POLICIES AND PRECEDENTS.

The air was cold, sweet and infused with cinnamon.

This was somewhat confusing, because I was hiking through a forest, alone.

I shouldn't have been, but I'm reckless like that. Most of the hikers I know don't hike in the snow. They slow me down anyway.

So, as I said, I'm reckless, which means I followed my nose right off the path, and right up to the door of a Shortbread house.

The witch was looking for an apprentice.

Aw, hex yeah!

Wonder if mastodon had translate button to quickly translate Tamil and Telegu toots, we cud also have a good conversation with them. Nice peeps out there. In future maybe @Gargron

@FreakyParadox u r an audiophile?
Any particular Sound engg domain or music lover?

I shud withdraw, got into a battle of those who missed it all.

To the drivers who always drive with high beam

Hope you get stuck in traffic with sudden explosive diarrhea!

Meanwhile, in a alternate universe:

Flight attendant: Is there a writer on this flight?

Dad: *nudging me* that should've been you

Me: Not now, Dad

Dad: Not asking for a doctor, are they?

Me: There is a literary emergency happening!

Dad: Go and see if your "medicine" helps.

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