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As a...
– registering user
I want to...
– inherit a surname with a minimum of three characters, without spaces, hyphens, or accents
so that...
– it can be considered valid by the backend, which was built by John Smith

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Bei @Hertz@twitter.com konnte ja niemand damit rechnen, dass Menschen Umlaute im Nachnamen haben... Ach ne, Moment, sie haben wohl einfach generell Probleme mit Umlauten.

Unfortunately I will probably never learn whether they messed up the umlaut or not.

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Seriously, how hard can it be to add a simple white box to an image for censoring an Android? In the end, after trying multiple photo editor apps that all failed, I used the story editor to hide the address here...
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Never seen this one before. UTF-8, but displayed as a hex string.


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