I've created a practical compression library for the NES and other 6502 platforms. Extremely low RAM requirement (9 bytes), with reasonable performance.


I'd been working on this NES compression technique for a while. Here's the adventure thread:



I used The Most Dangerous Game as a test for my NES compression library.

If you feel like reading a story on your NES, the ROM is here:


Madame Butterfly is mentioned in the story, and I thought it could use some background music, so I arranged some Puccini opera for the NES.


Here's a list of the symbols that appear in my algorithm's compression tree for that text.

Very common symbols [e] and [ ] get compressed down to 4 bits each.
Digraphs like [re] [on] [it] [ar] get priority over rarer individual letters.
Longer words appear further down the tree.

@JordiGH The compression was directly inspired by DEFLATE. DEFLATE has a huffman tree in it, and Battletoads itself used not much more than a simple huffman tree.

So... maybe some very indirect, long delayed inspiration from me having looked at Battletoads' compression years ago, but not really in a direct sense.

@rainwarrior Right, I realised that once I read your README.

On a completely different question, this Micro Mages game; footage I see on YouTube seems to have higher resolution than allowed and more colours too; are they cheating somehow?

@JordiGH Micro Mages is definitely legit. I've played it on my own NES already. ;)

I'd guess maybe the feel of a larger resolution comes from the small sprite size? The colours are just very well chosen, I think.

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