Today I learned that Life and Death has not just one surgery simulation but two, and it also has an ending!

Additionally, I have come to the conclusion that the Atari ST version has a bug that makes completing the first surgery impossible? Had to switch to the DOS version.

surgery sim video game 

surgery sim video game 

surgery sim video game 

surgery sim video game 

surgery sim video game 

@rainwarrior kind of :D But I haven't played it seriously since I was a kid and even then I never managed to complete the second surgery.

@SpindleyQ Well, I wrote a guide at the page, but also there's some good tutorial videos on YouTube if you wanna learn. :)

@rainwarrior Your video was pretty easy to follow! Did you memorize the phone numbers or were you referring to notes?

wonder if I can set up an autosplitter on actual hardware... never messed with livesplit before


@SpindleyQ I had a list of them in a text file nearby.

I don't have any autosplit experience, but there's kinda convenient pauses right before anything that's appropriate to use as a split anyway.

@rainwarrior welp, got my (real hardware) setup going tonight and made a few stabs at an appendectomy. First attempt was the closest, despite a _ridiculous_ initial incision. Think my secret weapon is going to be a giant one-button trackball made for preschoolers and/or the elderly because holy cow ball mice suck.

@SpindleyQ I miss having a good trackball. I should probably get a new one.

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