The MSX had some issues with video/sound output, and apparently this was common because of a bad-vintage electrolytic cap Sony used in many of their MSX video boards.

Replaced with ceramics and it's working great now, though desoldering the tiny SMT caps was a rough task for me.

Added bonus: I got to learn that tantalum caps put a marking on + and not - like electrolytics... and also they EXPLODE if you put them in backwards.

I should have just got a ceramic cap to begin with. Tantalum is smaller/cheaper but it's got drawbacks... like exploding.

...but putting my barely acceptable SMT repair skills aside, this MSX machine is now working really nice. :)

Got an RGB cable for my MSX from Retro Gaming Cables and it's as good as it gets. After trying many SCART cables I don't think anyone makes them better. Look at that custom PCB and clean wiring inside!

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