Avecta part 3 highlights: a bad pun, a strange riddle, vampire poetry, and jealous drunken goblins.

After hacking one of the rooms slightly to let myself past the indestructible piles of garbage, Avecta seems progressable again. I will continue the playthrough soon.

This yellow creature in Secret of Mana had an animation you can't see because you stand in front of it.

...by the way, that Flight Simulator disk was going to have to learn our ways if it wanted to live in our house.


The best argument I could make for it is that it's easier to read in flip-tray storage.

...though if I'm being honest my real reason is just that it's how I was raised.


Stuck the finished product in my scanner just to compare against that mockup. πŸ’ΎπŸ¦Ž

All the pieces are here. Despite my best efforts the printers made the back of the reference card upside down πŸ™ƒ but I don't want to delay this anymore. Time to start putting these together!

Started playing Shenzen I/O, and deciding to put this timing kludge into my solution really warmed my programmer heart.

I love writing these tiny terrible programs.

I think the floppy disk labels came out pretty nice.

Currently waiting on a "quick reference card", but I'm 3 e-mails deep trying to make sure the orientation is correct for the printing...

I must admit I had low expectations for this gochujang I found at Walmart, but it actually tastes not bad, and has a good amount of heat.

Have been thinking seriously about making a short run of Lizard floppies. What do you think?

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