That Sony tape player had been a big part of my life as far back as I could remember, but when I was 5 or so there was a huge moment where I found out there was a whole drawer full of music I'd never heard before, not just the "for kids" tapes my parents had always put on for me.

Found a little NES percussion instrument test/demo I wrote a few weeks ago and then forgot. I kinda like it.

If those blobs are too gooey for you here's some more orderly spheres.

Found in the same folder, I wonder what I was up to with this one?
Weird blobby sphere halos...?

Ha ha ha I found the Mandelbulb renderer I wrote back in 2011. :)

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Final Fantasy Fun Fact #447: Cactrot was originally based on Tom Cruise.

Only took me 3 years. ;) Actually I was inspired to do this because Sour made a really cool render timing viewer for his NES debugging emulator Mesen.

A few years ago I made a little test ROM to view the whole NES palette in one easy screen.

Finally got around to adding PAL support.

An alternative throw technique, after reaching the third catch, flip the hoop over the third cap to toss the free string into the air and catch the middle cap, but on the outside. This would hold well in the hoop, with the two hanging caps balancing, while you prepare to throw.

I had a dream that I was working on an licensed Olympics video game, except there was this really weird sport in it...

yall are doing that africa vs gamecube thing backwards

It was my introduction to Scriabin, and I became hugely interested in his music as a result, but for all the epic scale of his piano sonatas, this little quiet prelude still hit me the hardest.

The score is worth studying. It's fairly easy to play, too.

A few notes on building DOSBox with Visual Studio 2017 (Community), in case anyone else could use a tip (or if I forget and want to do it again later).

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