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rainwarrior @rainwarrior@mastodon.social

This sequence in branching off just before the first boss, where a secret room has a secret passage to an identical secret room... which also has an identical secret passage to... YOUR DOOM! HA HA HA HA HA! 💀☠️


It's a good haul but I can't help feel a little bit cheated because the bag says MINI-DOTS but only had one mini box of dots.


In a dramatic move, yet entirely consistent with his beliefs and life goals, Brad has obtained 1.3kg of discounted Hallowe'en candy. 🎃 🍬


I'm still amazed that strange coincidence the only official game that used Lizard's mapper, Deadly Towers, appears to be wearing a lizard as well? This was not intentional.



For a long while I've had a few boxes on hand for preview copies but I didn't have a game to fill them with until today.

It's a bit emotional, holding these now. 😭🦎


Has it been 100 years already since I started working on Lizard...?


Hey, did you think you should have been able to swim up that waterfall?
Well, now you can!


Why on earth didn't I connect the two map rooms with a door before now?
I probably thought to do this ages ago and just forgot. 😖


Shaft only has 4 legs because she is a 2D octopus.
Only Lizard 3D would have a human-world standard 8 legs.


Current mood: trying to simplify and compress my own face because it wasted too much space. 🤚😬✋


My mom gave me this weird fancy fidget spinner for my birthday. Now it is on my head. #߷