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rainwarrior @rainwarrior@mastodon.social

For reference: Koko B. Ware is a wrestler who was known for his sidekick parrot Frankie. I used to watch a lot of WWF when I was a kid.


I'm a big fan of this big fan.

This slime somehow looks very happy as it umbrellas-out, returning to its parent.

Paul Atreides returns to Caladan.

Bonus stupid hack: my hard drive was overheating earlier so I cut some extra venting holes because why not, I already know I'm an idiot please don't forget to like comment subscribe

The screen came today. Actually very easy to install, and not nearly as expensive as I'd feared. All is well again. Sanded down the rough edges; don't care how it looks. only how it feels. Aside from breaking the screen (🙄) the intended repair seems to have worked pretty well.

So remember when I said I was an idiot? I turned one of those clamps just a tiny bit too tight, and there was this itty bitty crunch... well... that was my LCD cracking.

I cut a piece of wood that I could use to clamp it down in the right places. Used marine epoxy because it said it worked on aluminum and "most plastics". Left it to set overnight...

I cut aluminum to fit around the screws I'd previously put in; will epoxy glue it to brace the crack in the lid.

Why cut around the screws instead of drilling holes and incorporating them? (Hint: I'm an idiot.)

Also: that dremel tool will not cut aluminum, used hacksaw and file

Brad's stupid laptop repair (?) episode 3.

A few months after my kludgey fix for a broken hinge, the lid case is starting to crack from the new stress on it. Thought I might try to reinforce it...

Episode 2 on twitter because it was before I came to mastodon: twitter.com/bbbradsmith/status

Ordered some cheap PS/2 to USB F➡M adapters. They don't work at all, but at least I had some USB to PS/2 adapters and I can now do this with them:

I did something very foolish to my laptop screen so it is temporarily become a desktop-only computer while I await a replacement LCD.

PC occasionally offers a chocolate cola, but it's always a limited time thing.

I put chocolate syrup in my cola and I have no regrets.