L'Abbaye des Morts is on NES now!!

Maybe I'll finally have it in me to dine at the Banquet of Death...

While trying to crack this disk, I found this 1981 first issue of Hardcore Computing that had a guide on how to do it! I tried it but it didn't quite work, and I couldn't really understand its arcane peeks and pokes, but it did give me some oblique hints.


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Removing the copy protection reveals the real file catalog on track 6 with proper status. Oddly enough, they used the same filenames for the real files, though they really didn't have to.

The BASIC programs end up having to refer to the files with these obfuscated names.

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The copy-protected Akalabeth disk actually had a "fake" file catalog in standard Apple DOS 3.2 format, so that if you tried to look at the files you'd get a message.

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2. Fixed bug where increasing your wisdom to very high level before talking to Lord British the first time broke the task. (Makes it easy for a Lizardman to get the final Balrog task.)

3. Stats capped at 9999. Maybe so we don't need a 5 digit display?

4. RESSURECTION typo fix.

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I watched @dukedonuts play through Akalabeth on his Apple IIc a few days ago, and we realized he had a different version than I did.

After cracking it, I found the following changes:

1. Final "Call CPC" ending removed? Game just tells you to play nonexistent level 11 instead...

Cookie Clicker was actually the reason I found out what a stroopwafel is. ☕

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Missing lines are easy to fix. Peel away the rubber strip below the screen, and just gently "massage" the connector underneath with a clean soldering iron. As it cools back down, a more solid connection forms and the lines return.

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Found a deleted image called GIRL2 on this Apple II DOS boot disk. Wondering if this was unique to this dump, or if official disks went out with this deleted file?

I don't know how I managed to acquire a taste for salty liquorice... I definitely felt like I'd been tricked the first time I tried it... but now and then I crave it.

Was watching the 1938 Robin Hood and when a particular bit of sword fight happened, I realized I'd seen it a thousand times before in Prince of Persia! Rad!

Dunno quite what I want to do with the Game Boy but my Everdrive family now has 4 members.

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