I wondering what I was thinking of tooting a few hours ago when I typed this...

City of Burlington getting the Raptors fever, and also the silly names fever.

Theory: the algorithm doesn't know the difference between a bunny and a slime?

Good news! Even Myst: Masterpiece Edition uses ScummVM now. (Ha!)

Apparently they realized it was broken and switched over to ScummVM some time in the two years since I played it.

What in the world... how did Quicktime get into my control panel? WHAT YEAR IS IT???

This is more or less how I feel about anything said of a video game that has not yet shipped.

lizard genitalia described 

Here's a list of the symbols that appear in my algorithm's compression tree for that text.

Very common symbols [e] and [ ] get compressed down to 4 bits each.
Digraphs like [re] [on] [it] [ar] get priority over rarer individual letters.
Longer words appear further down the tree.

I used The Most Dangerous Game as a test for my NES compression library.

If you feel like reading a story on your NES, the ROM is here:


There's a Demolition Man three seashells joke in here somewhere I just know it... 🐚🐚🐚

Meanwhile, back at my PC, the perfect music player app has been going strong for 20 years...

An update is required to play an MP3 off my phone? Oh bother...

lewd, simpsons, 🅱ideogames 

I missed the previous comeback wave, but I managed to catch this one! Bepis Crystal at long last!!!

An only slightly buggy decompressor produces some interesting text...

Feeding random bits to a decompressor that's trained on the text of a short story.

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