LOL I just wanted to buy the cheapest ATX socket on ebay to to make a little power jumper connector, and the cheapest one already has the wire stuck onto it.

"...for BTC" 馃ぃ

I think my DOS floppy dumper almost works, except the IRQ written in C is too slow? Unfortunately Watcom's assembler is hideously underdocumented, and I can find no relevant examples, especially not for Real Mode programs. :(

Three more image dumps from Read & Rhyme.

I don't remember quite how this game played. I definitely enjoyed the space theme as a young child.

I had this educational game called Read & Rhyme for my Atari ST as a kid. I can't find anyone else's dump, and the program seems to crash in my own dump, but its image files are all intact.

surgery sim video game 

Had some leftover red curry paste, and frozen cod, so I thought I'd make some fish cakes. 馃巶馃悷

Today I learned that Life and Death has not just one surgery simulation but two, and it also has an ending!

Additionally, I have come to the conclusion that the Atari ST version has a bug that makes completing the first surgery impossible? Had to switch to the DOS version.

A free utility that I use a lot: HashTab

It just puts a file hashes tab in the Windows file properties. It's really handy to quickly check if a file is the same or different.

But... Tom Cruise wasn't in The Mummy... help I've slipped dimensions again...!!!

The best dill pickle chip combines its power with the best dill pickle dip and together they become AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF SNACK.

Mouser is a biologist growing piranha plants in this comic book sequel to the Super Mario Bros movie.

So I put a bunch of notches in. I should probably find some white paint, but this is way better than just having dots that are exactly halfway between the invisible points I actually want to play at.

My cheap-ass fretless bass has guide dots inlaid on the side of the fingerboard, but they are stupidly placed halfway between fret positions (as if on a fretted bass) instead of where you actually need to place your finger. 馃槤

Finally feel like doing something about it...

Gravis Gamepad pro-tip: an 8-32 machine screw makes a very suitable replacement for a missing control stick.

Works especially well in Canada where the square socket in the screw won't dig into your thumb. 馃崄

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