The squirrels have decided to carve our pumpkin for us. 🎃 🐿️

Time to drink this mysterious liquid I found at the grocery.

Out of the blue Pinterest decided to spam me about... mosaic table tops? 🤔

Tried to make soup, but one of my ingredients betrayed me and it was a disaster.

Consolation dinner: finding out what an arepa is.

Also coming soon: Português brasileiro

(Many thanks to @maple)

Well I'm certainly never going to forget to specify endian in a python struct again. 😱

Still working on a translation upgrade to support languages with a few more characters (日本語?) than the initial release of Lizard could accommodate. The code patches aren't /too/ extensive, but it's kinda weird doing a translation ROM-hack for my own game like this. ;)

Some NES 3D surface tile rendering I was working on a while ago.

...and bizarrely, despite having no way to load an image under "multimedia services", elsewhere it includes a massive Tk GUI library which does have this feature hiding in its branches; a collateral feature.

It's this weird juxtaposition of overflowing and sparing.

Python's built in "Multimedia Services" libraries are such a sparse and odd assortment.

Here's the whole intro for Gemfire.
I like this concept, and the wizard crew.

Gemfire () has a neat opening. A princess steals the crown, and frees the six magicians imprisoned in its gems...

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