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Somebody said "BBQ spaghetti" earlier and I was intrigued by the idea... 🍝πŸ”₯

Surprise double soup packet!
Factory error in my favour!
with flavour.

Pie crimes injury 

Some really good CSS going on at right now.

I'm back on my "compress Shakespeare for 6502" bullshit...

Ah yes, the classic Netflix trilogy: Pretty Woman, Beverly Hills Ninja, Chashme Baddoor.

Battletoads had a lot of text in it for all the Professor's advice and the Dark Queen's random taunts.

Here's a peek at the Huffman compression tree used to pack it all into the tiny space of an NES cart.

My laptop came with a few more partitions than I was expecting... :S

Also, after changing the motherboard's battery and setting the time in the BIOS, there are some pretty deep time calculations being done by Windows here.

Picking a name for this computer, I think this sharpie on the front says "Kayla" but it kinda looks like "Lamia" to me, and that's now this computer's name. πŸπŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ

Also LOL the card edge makes this CPU feel like a video game cartridge.

After more inspection, I discovered that one of the plastic locking tabs had seized. With some very carefuly considered use of pliers, I worked it free. Now the CPU assembly comes in and out very easily.

It wasn't that dusty inside, but gave it a quick vacuum anyway.

Took a risk on a poorly described "Windows 95 computer" for a good price. It came today, and so far... it seems great!

Beautiful clean and open case design. Boots fine into Windows 95.

I feel lucky it made it intact, it was packed VERY badly, but it didn't have to travel far.

This page about "molecular control" from the X-COM: Terror From the Deep manual feels extremely tautological.

"Note: It is better to concentrate your Molecular Control Training on aquanauts with high Molecular Control Strength." Yes very good tip.

Okay, so the replacement PSU cost more than the whole computer, has a bad smell and a noisy fan, but... IT WORKS!!! I HAVE WIN98 COMPUTER NOW!!!

Here it is weezin' along to Weezer.mpg!!!

There was also this totally bizarre and out of place battle against a many-armed demigod. That was good stuff.

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