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The instrumental version, March of the Swivelheads, really took it to 11 though:

Another cool tune that got used as an instrumental in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Never realized that this tune from Ferris Bueller's Day Off had a singing part to it.

Hey is there a Loom mod for DOOM? I wanna play Loom DOOM.

So... good luck if you want to work in several different resolutions but at least this will let me optimize my enjoyment for one resolution at a time. :P

Finally, take note that the scaler is not applied on "high resolution" modes... not sure where the break point is for that but 640 x 400 will not get the scaler treatment (but still gets bilinear aspect correction).

You can force this with "normal2x forced" if/when you need it.

fullresolution=desktop # otherwise fullscreen will stretch to 16:9\
output=opengl # enables better scaling methods (otherwise it's just nearest neighbour)
aspect=true # corrects for the square pixel aspect ratio
scaler=normal2x # or use normal3x for fullscreen

normal2x/3x will nearest-neighbour double/triple the picture before applying a bilinear stretch to the final aspect ratio, which is exactly how I want it rendered.

ZOMGCATBUS! I finally figured out how to make DOSBox scale the picture the way I want, in the correct aspect ratio. I'd better write this down before this forbidden knowledge dissolves myself from my brain again...

@mogwai_poet That demonstration of the missing musical hammers at 2:22 really does it for me. Obviously not something I'd know I was missing, but that particular detail is ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ‘Œ.

@mogwai_poet ...so in light of that maybe I can understand why people seem so hard-line about EGA LOOM. (I had thought it was mostly about the graphics.)

Maybe I should retract my unsolicited defense of VGA LOOM against the EGA fans. :P Though VGA was the version I played first and thought it was a really good game that way anyway. (Also I do love that dragon's voice.)

@mogwai_poet Well, I do prefer the EGA graphics to their VGA counterparts for this game, but like I said I think the VGA one is also pretty good.

...but apparently I had forgotten that there were a bunch more differences. Found this rundown:

@mogwai_poet Also: people are pretty snobby about the EGA version. While it does have better graphics, the more available VGA version is still pretty good looking, PLUS the dragon has the greatest voice in it.

@mogwai_poet Loom is real cool. I played it 2 years ago and it made me want to learn the pirate's spiel about it and get a giant Loom button.

Apple Town Story for the Famicom Disk System. This is a beautiful port by Square of an Activision game called Little Computer People. I had it for Atari ST as a kid, and that little simulated home was one of my favourite things.

Woah, this is a bit of a different sound from Coil.
This is really nice!
Heaven's Blade (Backwards Demo version)

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Here's my Famicom arrangement of one of Scriabin's sonatas, though, if you'd like a taste of that too: