My cheap-ass fretless bass has guide dots inlaid on the side of the fingerboard, but they are stupidly placed halfway between fret positions (as if on a fretted bass) instead of where you actually need to place your finger. 馃槤

Finally feel like doing something about it...

A really beautiful explanation of how a Cubic Equation is approached and solved, and why it's tricky to try to teach.

Get your umbrellas the Weather Report calls for a 100% chance of Teen Town!!

Gravis Gamepad pro-tip: an 8-32 machine screw makes a very suitable replacement for a missing control stick.

Works especially well in Canada where the square socket in the screw won't dig into your thumb. 馃崄

Curiously, it only seems to report one set of axes anyway, and they already work with the d-pad...?

So I guess even if it hadn't arrived broken, the best I could hope here is that d-pad and analog stick share a report? Gross.

Well, this cheap USB N64 controller is off to a good start.

Would a Sega Submarine have Ballast Processing?

The Italian word for moustache is "Baffi", so Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Italian is about a teenage moustache that kills vampires

Made horchata!

Came out real nice, and was a bit easier than I expected.

Suddenly the console listed a a long series of possible commands for controlling Mega Man.

It was like trying to defeat Air Main with the GNU Debugger...

Then I woke up.

I wonder if the long fall at the end of Super Mario World's Sunken Ghost Ship was inspired by the final stage of Irem's Ninja Spirit?

@maple For a short time when I was 12 I had two characters named Gork and Gronk that looked pretty much exactly like Garg from Keen 1.

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