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@craigtimpany @mogwai_poet Onions that are going to go in my mouth, I mean. I wouldn't complain about someone else putting one in their own mouth.

...but now that I've seen how Dirty Harry properly prepares the argument I might consider starting the habit.

@craigtimpany @mogwai_poet I was all in favour of eating one until you got to salsa, but I take a hard line against onions.

@xaphania @Jo The memory of things stored on tapes that looked like this really augments the experience. :)

@Jo I didn't have any hand in it, I just think it's real cool.

@mogwai_poet I think I'd forgive someone for being a jerk about a hotdog if they'd couch it in a long comparison against terrible atrocities every time.

@mogwai_poet I am really enjoying the dissonance of being elitist about a hot dog.

@mogwai_poet Wait, there's people that will complain about others using ketchup on a hotdog??

You're Abe Freeman?
The "sausage king" of City 17?

Callou callay! Ripcord can now sit in the taskbar tray instead of taking up space on the bar.
It is now the perfect Discord client. 😍
(Though it was already miles better than actual Discord.)

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