Mario isn't even in Kirby's league when it comes to hill climbing.
At least he knows how to have a little fun on the way down, though. ;)

Look at the way Kirby's feet flop right down onto the slope when he rests. What a dream.

Wow this bird sure can kick a snake!

(Don't worry snake fans, it's rubber.)

Have you ever wanted to see 𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘪𝘥𝘦 Karnov?

...OK you probably haven't, but nevertheless the Karnov Inspector now works on FCEUX, Bizhawk, and Mesen!

Related: does anyone know where I can buy a large quartz sphinx? There's a crow I'd like to impress, but the only quartz sphinxes I can find on etsy or ebay are tiny.

The Karnov Inspector's "hide screen" mode lets you play a much more abstract version of Karnov.

The Karnov Inspector is finished! Version 1.0 is released. Now you can see é̫͔͕͕v̴̹͈͍̇͂̿̌̿̾ȅ͈̹̻̭͔ͭ͑̃̅̚ṟ̵̺̿̈̑ͥͨ͋y̡̤̫͙̤̟͛̏ͮͬͅt̩̭̺͔̜̯͛͆h̠̐̍ͪ̔̈́i̦ͤ͂̇̅̆̇̀n̨͈̩͈̞̠͐ͅg̶͔̼̗͖ͫ͊ͅ.

Stumbled on this really rad Bill Laswell / Material / William S. Burroughs album yesterday.

burroughs' sci fi mechanism for destabilizing planets is, essentially, impression driven social media. (from "the ticket that exploded", 1962)

My text editor just told me all my files have been modified... this is how I discover that daylight savings ended.

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