Still working on a translation upgrade to support languages with a few more characters (日本語?) than the initial release of Lizard could accommodate. The code patches aren't /too/ extensive, but it's kinda weird doing a translation ROM-hack for my own game like this. ;)

Some NES 3D surface tile rendering I was working on a while ago.

@NicoleTheLizard It was doing pretty well last time I was using it (a few months ago).

With both Nintendo and Sony abandoning the "virtual console" model of ownership, I'm appreciating more and more Sega's Genesis Classics on Steam and other platforms. It may not be the greatest emulator, but it works.

I guess with the announcement of the PlayStation Classic I should give up any hope that "PS one Classics" will ever come to PS4. 😕

@HihiDanni Nope, but this is consistent with the utility of everything else in that section. :P

@HihiDanni The only one of these I've ever found useful is the wave module, and even that one just barely. It doesn't unpack samples or anything, all it does is parse the header and give you access to the byte stream.

...and bizarrely, despite having no way to load an image under "multimedia services", elsewhere it includes a massive Tk GUI library which does have this feature hiding in its branches; a collateral feature.

It's this weird juxtaposition of overflowing and sparing.

Python's built in "Multimedia Services" libraries are such a sparse and odd assortment.

Here's the whole intro for Gemfire.
I like this concept, and the wizard crew.

Gemfire () has a neat opening. A princess steals the crown, and frees the six magicians imprisoned in its gems...

@devurandom @exelotl Well, the latin character set isn't available when using Hiragana. Not enough tile space for font. (Not usually, that ending screen is an exception actually.)

It won't be a Rot13 equivalent it'll just be some cycling of the characters in arbitrary order.

"Hey Jayden, check this out. See those old folks over there? Go up and yell 'Dental plan!' at them. I bet you $50 one of them will say back "Lisa needs braces.'"

"That doesn't make any sense. This is going to be the easiest $50. You're on, Aiden."

You might think that habitually saying "bless you" after somebody sneezes is an outdated ritual, but consider 30 years from now when you'll still be looking for every opportunity to say "nice" whenever someone happens to put the number 6 next to a 9.

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