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It always just seemed like a natural thing to write on an Oregon Trail tombstone, ha ha. I'm pretty sure I wrote "on top of spaghetti" on mine once.

All these years and I'd never realized that this was a Tombstone Pizza reference.


Oregon Trail did it first.
Playing at school, everybody got a disk at random. Is this the one where your friend Andy died of pizza related injuries?


Floating down the Columbia River is one of the most exciting and important moments in gaming.


Six years ago I made an album of classical music arrangements for the NES.


It's a really great feature of that you can caption your image uploads.


Quadruped: walks on four feet.
Tetrapod: evolved from the four-limbed branch of creatures.
Triped: something that walks on three feet. Oddly enough, "The tripods" are tripeds?
Tripod: no known animal, but describes a thing made with three legs.


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I wrote up a brief introduction to Mastodon; hopefully it'll help new folks acclimate. Let me know if I need to change anything!


What if Worf and the tardigrade became friends and went on space adventures together?


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@squirrel @er1n Well at least we got Groundhog Day episode.

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If there is a Yonkers, New York... is there a Dorkers, New Donk?

@draknek I had the very same confusion! I had no use for the "local" or "federated" timelines and was like "where's MY timeline?" (I feel like the official docs need to spend more time explaining "Home".)