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thank you to everybody who could join us tonight! check out @rainwarrior's NES/PC game Lizard here: lizardnes.com

VODs of tonight's and past episodes are available on mixer, and soon later on youtube!


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we are going live soon! come join us to take a first look at the beta release of Lizard, a brand new NES release in 2018 by @rainwarrior !!

mixer.com/squirrel-chan computerfairi.es/media/kWGNnaW

ok one last labo thing sorry i'll go now Show more

Going to attempt to implement an auto-save and resume option for the PC version of Lizard.

I overlooked this. Was trying to accurately duplicate the NES experience, but there's emulators and savestates, even in hardware... I don't want people to be afraid to close the game.

I put cheat codes into Lizard because I wanted to give you power over the game without needing special tools. If you bought it, it's your game, not mine. Don't let me tell you how you should play it.

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There's no official box art for the new NES game "Lizard," so here's what I had to resort to instead

@LaserScheme I think there's a bunch of ways to do it, but a solution that I've seen is basically each button pushes a lever that reverses the direction to push on a rake (with a tooth missing for the current button) that pops the others out. There's a separate lever/rake for each button.

@squirrel I find it hard to do without Home / End on a Mac.

@mikkelorale It's not released yet. I just finished it this morning, still got a bit to do to prepare for release, but there is a demo version at:

Lizard is... done? ⚠️

I'm actually too tired to play through and check right now. Going to bed.
First clear of Lizard expected 2018-01-12.

@squirrel It was well worth the dollar it cost me. ;)

@squirrel Sorry Eversion was a bust, I remember having a lot more fun with it than it looked like you were having. (I've played through it like 5 times over the years.)

Though maybe it sounds perverse but it was interesting to watch for me anyway, there was value on seeing what you got hung up on in it.

Also I don't think I could play it with an analog stick. :S

All the significant programming work for Lizard is finally done. I'm in the home stretch! This pair of dancing blue lizards accurately represent how I feel right now. 🦎🦎


@squirrel I'm sad that I couldn't find a Dreamcast emulator that supports the Seaman microphone though. :(

@squirrel The only other Dreamcast game I really know about is Seaman and now I'm thinking about the Famicom microphone and whether it could ever possibly detect any kind of speech at all...