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@JordiGH I've had a fun time playing it, and I'll probably play through it again, to be honest.

It's a game full of wrong choices, but once they're no longer a surprise, playing the game in terms of what it is rather than what it "should" be it's actually become fun for me. It's managed to charm me a little bit.

having no grasp on time 

teaching that MIDI note 60 is middle C as a reference point:

- 60? least memorable number ever
- that's like 261.32whatever Hz, what even is that
- middle?? no one has been able to afford an 88 key keyboard for centuries

teaching that MIDI note 69 is A4 as a reference point:

- 440 Hz baby, that's a tuning standard
- i'll remember it until i die
- ehuehuehuehue

Anyway, I'm done combing through Aspetra's files. I left all the unused content over at The Cutting Room Floor.

Here's the whole Villagers' Stolen Stuff Run Amok Gang.

Apparently they even somehow stole an idea about how nice the NiceOx is, and it too ran amok.

In the dungeon where you battle a bunch of fruit and vegetable enemies, there's actually a room full of stolen produce.
You never get to see it cause when you enter the room there's an immediate cutscene: the villagers take back their stolen goods and the camera never pans down.

Among Aspetra's unused files are a prototype version of the "Stonehenge" area, and a scanned drawing of a triptych that was probably a starting point for the final version.

So, I did it. I dumped all the maps from Aspetra. Why did I do this? How should I know.

Here's a dumping script and file format notes and a link to the dumped map images and stuff:

Aspetra was actually the sequel to a game called The Endless Night. I gave it a playthrough:

That chorus at the end of Shadow Man's tune before the loop always hits me so hard. Blows my mind for like 10 seconds and then it's gone again. The orchestration is really low key but there's a lot of power in it.

A few of the data files in Aspetra are lists of things, but with all the names cyphered one ASCII character later. Kinda curious... I guess it's to make it slightly harder to mess with all the item stats?

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