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Just got to Brian Eno Ambient Vol: 4 and I'm kinda blown away by the first track:

Do you ever copy an l from a website and paste it into a google search to figure out if it's an uppercase i or a lowercase L?

Alright, I'm tired of installing and uninstalling hex editors. Why are so many of these just /slightly/ over the brink of unusable for binary diff?

I guess I'll just stick with VBinDiff.

Or really I'd settle for a thing that's just a good binary diff tool, if that somehow wasn't a hex editor.

Like VBINDIFF would be fine if it wasn't a command line / 25 line view application.

I want a hex editor that's:
- free, windows
- can drag two files into it and compare, should highlight differences and let you skip forward/back to next contiguous block of differences
- ideally: can lock to 16/32 column display for better alignment
- ideally: open source

Anyone know a good one? I'm tired of downloading and trying random ones.

Have been trying this alternative Discord client Ripcord by @cancel, and so far it feels really nice. Very lightweight and responsive!

Only took me 3 years. ;) Actually I was inspired to do this because Sour made a really cool render timing viewer for his NES debugging emulator Mesen.

A few years ago I made a little test ROM to view the whole NES palette in one easy screen.

Finally got around to adding PAL support.

An alternative throw technique, after reaching the third catch, flip the hoop over the third cap to toss the free string into the air and catch the middle cap, but on the outside. This would hold well in the hoop, with the two hanging caps balancing, while you prepare to throw.

Actually just a single rule to require that all 3 caps must pass through the hoop before the throw would probably sort this.

I just realized an easier way to throw the bottlecap chain is to swing hard from the initial position, and just spin the hoop quickly around that top cap and pull it away to free the rope? That cuts out the fun of the setup catching. :(

What do I even call this strange combination of ball and cup vs. clean and jerk vs. shot put?

I'm also wondering if all those steps need to be in the rules. Like, if we just have the starting position, and the only requirement is to throw the caps as far as you can, there could be a lot of room for interesting techniques? The series of catches seems practical though.

Though catching the bottom cap also seems like it'd be very difficult. How to get the rope out of the hoop, but still have control of the caps for a throw? I think I want to build this just to see how it plays out.

The final step is to fling the hoop to throw the bottlecap chain as far as you can. The distance thrown is your score.

This is where I think it gets most fun: I believe my dream-brain came up with this because it might produce 3-body chaos? Maybe the rope has to be elastic.

It was a little bit like a giant cup-and-ball game, but you have a big hoop and 3 frizbee-sized bottlecaps that are tied through their centre by a rope.

You start by picking up the top bottlecap with the hoop, then flick the hoop to pull the second cap through and catch it...

You repeat the process with the second bottlecap to catch the third. At this point the rope now entirely outside the hoop instead of passing through it. Holding onto this bottlecap is more tenuous...

I had a dream that I was working on an licensed Olympics video game, except there was this really weird sport in it...

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