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rainwarrior @rainwarrior@mastodon.social

I have a USB drive on my keychain, and whenever I use it I feel weird when I have to "eject" my keys from my computer.

I feel like this belongs on the Earthbound soundtrack.
Brian Eno - Over Fire Island

The squirrels in this game are kinda getting out of hand... 🐿


On an decreasingly related note: P.D.Q. Bach was the best 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘴𝘡 composer son of Bach.


On a related note: C.P.E. Bach was the best composer son of Bach.


TIL that Sid Meier wrote a Bach simulator for 3DO called C.P.U. Bach. ??


The end credits tune from Strange Days was flippin' rad.
Deep Forest w/ Peter Gabriel - While the Earth Sleeps

(Unfortunately that particular GIF was loop-fixed for twitter so it DOESN'T loop properly, but I will remember for the future!)

Oh hey, Mastodon actually loops GIFs properly. Way to go @Mastodon !

Yesterday I turned my favourite Friday the 13th GIF into an NES ROM:

(Wish I knew who made the original.)


After trying Mastodon for a few days, I really like where it's going and I wish more people would use it.

Until then, I'm still over here on twitter:

All this time I thought Mastodon was an extinct heavy metal band from the Pleistocene era?