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In an alternate universe, Paperboy gets the Paper Mario treatment and becomes "Regularboy" for his RPG series

If you jump in the water in Getting Over It, apparently your belly grows and the rest of your body shrinks a little. Do it too much and it eventually goes negative and starts growing inside out??

This is almost literally my bedroom circa 1999.
- Faux wood grain desk.
- Cheap MIDI keyboard.
- CD tower.
- Extra monitor was actually my old Atari ST.
- Lava lamp.
- Alarm clock.


Change log: fixed bug where the hair of dead humans was appearing in their place.

For some reason I'm extremely turned on by this greedy hand that lives in a big spiny plant.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 isn't even available on this system. I'm playing this on Wii U!

What on earth...? Product placement in Breath of the Wild??
This was not expected.
This is kinda gross.

Link, are you still using a land line? How do you still not have a cell phone?
Look, here, just take it. Have a cell phone. Welcome to modern society.

My one regret in life is that I am not cool enough to own a boobs hat.

My ROM space statistics says that Lizard is now 99.33% full.

There's a little more yet to squeeze in (and there's enough room for it) but looking at my ROM and seeing all that data packed in there so cozy I just wanna cry.

Ah Pook is coming to town!
Don't forget to leave milk and cookies by the fallout shelter.

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