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Epistemology tip: the "what went wrong" section in postmortems of games that shipped can only teach you about the problems that *don't* prevent you from shipping. is in the same boat. If you're gonna domain squat at least put up some stupid ads or a javascript bitcoin miner or something. is the only .zone website I know of that actually works.

Okay I just found out there is a .zone top level domain and is registered but not being used for anything. 🦎😖

Yesterday I went to Ikea with some friends and bought a pound of salty liquorice and ate all of it.
The adventure continues...

Okay, I don't know why it took me 11 years to realize this but...
Why did I never think about why Steam is called Steam before?

This realization came to me as I was turning a literal valve to shut off the literal steam water for a clothes dryer, which my mom had interrupted me to look at while I was working on implementing the Steam version of my game.

@squirrel I don't really know if the game is any good (probably not) but I love the title music for Speedball 2

The Final Fantasy SGI demo.
I only ever got to see a few screenshots of this in a magazine when I was a kid.
Even those were enough to power my imagination for weeks.

This sequence in branching off just before the first boss, where a secret room has a secret passage to an identical secret room... which also has an identical secret passage to... YOUR DOOM! HA HA HA HA HA! 💀☠️

A little sound/rhythm experiment piece I wrote 20 years ago with Impulse Tracker and the shareware version of CoolEdit.

I had some turkey bacon this morning and I was trying to enter "turkey bacon" into my diet tracker app and my phone autocorrected it to "toilet bacon." That comes later, phone.

Then I was trying to tell April this story and I started by saying "I was trying to put bacon in my phone" and she gave me a really weird look.

Oglob these dots are trying to rip my teeth out! Perhaps it was for the best, after all.

It's a good haul but I can't help feel a little bit cheated because the bag says MINI-DOTS but only had one mini box of dots.

In a dramatic move, yet entirely consistent with his beliefs and life goals, Brad has obtained 1.3kg of discounted Hallowe'en candy. 🎃 🍬

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