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Adani Green’s 2,021% debt-equity ratio is second-worst in Asia

As long as the great chowkidar around, nothing for Adani to worry as we will forced to share the burden!


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Thousands of Palestinians from the Occupied West Bank of Palestine labor within the colonized interior. They are abused & exploited. At dawn they protested against the transfer of their salaries through banks at Tarqumiya Crossing. The military shut down the crossing as a result.

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Several ships of Grain have left Ukraine recently. What percentage went to feed people in Africa? What percentage went to feed animals in Europe? twitter.com/swimsure/status/15

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Solidarity with striking workers is solidarity with the independence movement, as standing with the independence movement is standing with striking workers. The UK is a Tory state. Scottish independence will end it, and open up massive potential for all workers on these islands.

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I am tired of these rich white men on podcasts acting like they are spokespeople for the poor & working class. Our pain is not your hobby. It's the worst type of exploitation. Talk at us when you are not going live on YouTube from some of the richest neighborhoods in the country.

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On this day in 1959 Hawai’i became the 50th US state, following a referendum organized by the US govt. to prevent it from claiming independence. The ballot only contained 2 options: for it to remain a US territory or to be absorbed by the US.

Liberation was never an option.

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Watch "Swachch Bharat a joke? (स्वच्छ भारत एक मजाक?)" on YouTube

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I’m in Mexico City with @puentesdeamor1@twitter.com and @codepink@twitter.com packaging up the medicines to take to Cuba for the children who need liver transplants. Biden’s blockade of Cuba is cruel and inhumane. We couldn’t buy the medicine in the US.

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Here @girishmiglani Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg Discuss The WhatsApp-Jio Impact On India youtu.be/ggr2JCy8EO8 via @YouTube

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What a effing sight this ! Sitting PM of a country is promoting a movie ! Unbelievable ! twitter.com/htTweets/status/15

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Meanwhile, @IndianExpress press on its front page today quoted Modi lying as usual, some guff like only the Indian govt is helping to evacuate students. Utter rubbish. Hire journalists, @IndianExpress, sack your stenographers.
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Finally good news for international students stuck in Sumy. Ukraine embassy in Nigeria has announced that Sumy Department of Education is arranging evacuation to Poltava in a negotiated safe co…

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When BJP-RSS block president accepts in public that the party won by swapping EVMs👇why have our "independent" EC, courts + national media including TV anchors & newspapers, all remained silent about this brazenly criminal activity?
Stop the cover up.

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As @WFP@twitter.com warns millions hungry & 2 milion malnourished children in broad daylight & the world says NOTHING! WTF!! Is there no end to the suffering these people are expected to endure? No international law? No humanity? A death sentence on innocents! twitter.com/thrasherxy/status/

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"Man tadpat Hari darshan ko aaj" is considered the finest bhajan in Hindi movies, sung by the legendary Rafi, written by Shakeel Badayuni and composed by Naushad. This is India.

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He’s just as awful as your dear leader Modi who looks the other way when China grabs our territory and lies that “No one entered our territory”. The SAME naked ambition, false deshbhakti, vile bigotry, hell—everything!
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Naked & dangerous ambition without political sense or commitment.

Former Senior AAP leader Kumar Vishwas Ji recounts his chilling conversation with a boastful Delhi CM, "One day, he told me he wou…

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Someday in future, history students will get this question in exams:
'Write 10 similarities between Fascist Germany and Hindutva India.'

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Undear @PMOIndia, your chap has forgotten that daily wage earners couldn’t pay rent, couldn’t eat (NGOs helped more than your govt) and started walking home and dying on tracks TILL parties like the INC helped them get back home. He’s not just cruel, he’s a liar too.

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While the BJP is one thing, has anyone paused to think about where AAP gets its funding from ?

In Delhi, during elections it matches the BJP with billboard for billboard, FM Slot by FM Slot, in Punjab it is spending lavishly.

Where does this “imaandari” flow from ?

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Call me old-fashioned, but I tend to think eating a balanced breakfast is a healthier way to start the morning than gathering in a park for genocidal chants.

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