#GetTogether is a free open source alternative to the event planning site MeetUp.com.

You can use the first GetTogether instance here:


and follow the project here:


The project is also working on federating instances together using the ActivityPub standard (which Mastodon, Pleroma, PeerTube etc also use).

#AlternativesAtoZ #MeetUp #MeetUps #Events #Meetings #EventPlanning #RealLife #FLOSS #FOSS #OpenSource

My extended family (clan?) has a LINE[1] group, and senior members are sending memes as always. 🤣

[1] Something similar to Whatsapp but it doesn’t work on Firefox. 😰

when you are not a math freak, but you have to be 🤣

Offices are like emotional illness incubators?

RT @kdecommunity@twitter.com: Great news from the developers of Atelier and AtCore, the #FOSS 3D printing solution - a major new release is almost around the corner!

Changes will include a more polished UI, better error handling, and improved bed scaling.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/kdecommunity/statu

I scream "Open source! Yeaaaaaa" everytime Google Play Services updates all of a sudden.

One of my friends, a fellow and enthusiast, is looking for a room/ small apartment in . For a family of three (he has an infant) . Can someone ?

I mostly program with

if err != nil {

and it gives me rage and desperation.

@veer66 @pruet @mayuutann @SukinoSenze

Join in the #bughunt and help make #Kdenlive the best Free and Open Source video-editing software! Regardless of your programming knowledge, you can help. The hunt starts Sunday at 10am CET.


Linux Foundation: Automated Testing Summit, #RISCV Summit, Twenty-Three New Members, Open Source Summit

Chandramukhi turns up at Police Station:


We're making changes to the #Inkscape command line. To be sure we accommodate as many use cases as we can, we need your help! Please post examples and descriptions of how you use the :inkscape: command line here: inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic.ph

(Please also Boost for reach, thanks! 💕 )

If I'm serious about parallelism, I will use Haskell or Rust, not Go, not Scala.
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