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@somarasu @rajavm that refers only to serving up ads though. They are still reading, analyzing, and extracting the data which they can use for other purposes.

Anybody tried this open source implementation of Google Play Service Framework?
microG Project - microg.org/

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We need more #Mastodogs on the timelines! Boost if you agree.

@PeteMoss @somarasu
That's strange after reading this announcement

"Consumer Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalization after this change."


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Here's a prime example of Google's invasion of privacy:

Family vacation coming up and I'm emailed the details as an attached Word document. Nothing in the email itself or anywhere else.

Google take it upon themselves without my permission to not only add the vacation to my calendar, but also the hotel I'm staying at and with whom.

All this done automatically by way of scanning personal communication.

Is it 'convenient'? Perhaps, but consider the implications.

#privacy #Google #EULA

Can someone explain
Public timeline vs Federated Timeline in from client ?

10$ credit on signup

Please use the following link


Finally moved all my contacts and calendar from Google to Nextcloud
Thanks to 50$ Digitalocean credit from github student pack .
If you are a student visit

Contacts + Calendar = NextCloud + DigitalOcean + Let's Encrypt ...

Happy Birthday Snowden 🎉🎈🎁

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I just had a video call with a guy from Chile that didn't know how to use a program of mine that he found on Github. Isn't Internet (and free software) beautiful? <3

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Turns out there might be a ban on [state-mandated] encryption backdoors from the EU, that sounds great engadget.com/2017/06/19/eu-pro

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Opt out from Google collecting SSID of WiFi by suffixing "_nomap" to SSID

Source: support.google.com/maps/answer

@abgd @ebel There are many blogs explaining how to install and being phone specific.
I have switched to LineageOS and pico gapps(minimalistic gapp framework) with f-droid ❤
Give it a try

@cnc Glad I could help. Welcome.

@cnc Twidere client distinguishes by using blue color in right border of twitter post and black color in right border of Mastodon instance .
Anymore than that will turn it into kindergarten coloring book