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Are you a US federal government employee who supports free software? Today is your last chance: donate through the Combined Federal Campaign! https://u.fsf.org/2d1
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Oh, shit, git!

So relatable. Found all of these ways after furious and anxious googling for SO answers, nice to see them all collated in one place.

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The Zerocat Label
True Free-Design #Hardware Tools and #DIY-Projects

''Do you like proprietary software? We don’t. That’s why we use GNU/Linux and other Free Software only.''

''Do you like proprietary hardware? We don’t. That’s why we would like to use free-design hardware only, but in general there is none available.''

''...we are going to publish true free-design hardware projects, that is hardware of a free-design even down to chip level.''


#opensource #zerocat

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"The #bitcoin #cryptocurrency was supposed to replace the #finance industry. Instead, it has replicated it.

Nakamoto wanted to create a system for #payments that would circumvent governments, bankers, and corporations. Instead, Bitcoin is now a get-rich-quick scheme that retains none of the exciting, anarchist features it proposed and has created a secondary #economy with financial shenanigans that mirror the ones that led to the global financial crisis."


Black Friday 2017 - ProtonMail is available at a discount for the first time ever! - ProtonMail Blog -


IMPORTANT: The FCC is hoping Thanksgiving will bury the backlash to their plan to kill . We can't let that happen. Protests everywhere December 7! Retweet! (link: verizonprotests.com) verizonprotests.com

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WEBSITE: We rely on advertising to keep the site running. Please consider turning off your adblocker.
ME: Alright, sure
ME: Alright, no

Noscript developer warns about targeted spam against opens source developers.

hackademix.net » Targeted email attack against (open source?) developers - hackademix.net/2017/01/27/targ

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IOS style define in Android.
Ad free Android app.
Fly dictionary

Sadly not open source

Autoplaying video ads is a huge headache right now. To prevent it,
Set false for "media.autoplay.enabled"

Thank me later

prevent browser fingerprinting
Go to about:config
Toggle/set to true "privacy.resistFingerprinting"

Go to www.whatismybrowser.com

Thank me later.
Works in Firefox mobile as well.

Free encrypted file sending with 24hr expiry/first download


RT @Trev: Tacos are the best kind of sandwich

(For each boost between now and getting to the shop I will donate $1 to United Food Bank)

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Real people use end-to-end encryption.

That is all.
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Great #DayAgainstDRM discounts from @storybundle, @libreture, @PacktPub, and @pragprog: https://u.fsf.org/29e

I request the good ❤ Federated social network to Boost

The July 12th Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality is less than a week away

RSVP here