Regarding Tumblr, but also Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit: How long do you think it will take us, as a society, to figure out that profit-maximizing slow AIs aren't responsible enough to be entrusted with our cultural canons?

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The older I get the more I am convinced that all forms of progress are only possible when we have free time. That is, when we are able to spend effort on things not essential to our immediate survival. We need to have spare resources to be able to risk spending them on something uncertain.

The main indicator of this to me is how the more pressure people are under to work just to survive, the less able they are to devote their energies to social or personal improvement.

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crypto means cryptography Show more

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and now panels both highlight the need for a better way to quickly integrate large, well-curated datasets into conversations. Another project I need to pick back up.

panel touched on NYC's Big U project to protect lower Manhattan from floodwaters - at the expense of the rest of the city. Compare Scape Studio's Oyster-tecture project.

If I added a Mastodon user meetup to the spontaneous programming schedule for later today or tomorrow, who would be interested?

Annalee Newitz's explanation of the Ashley Madison community being mostly isolated straight men talking to female-presenting chatbots reminds me of Donald S. Lowry's "Church of Love" scam: a pre-Internet pen-pal network pairing men with "Love Angels" (fake female personas, sometimes portrayed by actresses at face-to-face events) purporting to build the utopian haven of Chonda-Za.

Really enjoying this year - the panel is off to a particularly good start.


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