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the only valid person on this site is me. god wishes he could kin me

gonna make a berries account in like a second

My huge big blocky minecraft body is too big and massive and powerful and huge for my little tiny block brain and if i get any stronger my brain will dissolve completely

you eat other people's teeth, but i eat my OWN teeth. bite them right off my gums, like corn from a cob .

the only reason id ever go to a private school is the uniforms

kin memories of all the friends we mcfreakin lost along the way

hot take: women's pants have no pockets for the sole reason of supporting the purse industry

the truth is... you were problematic from the start. [shoots you in the head]

its honestly frightening how quick memes move here bc it creates this competitive desire to out-perform our peers that does result in forming new bonds, true, but it also results in a higher and expedited chance of creative burnout

there's no such thing as hate on mastodon because even if you do post hate on someone they'll just retoot it

holds up sign that says "tommy vercetti kin who needs a home" @ anybody who even Thinks abt gta vice city

man i just want to die is that so much to ask

me writing a 5k word chapter for a fic instead of my overdue essay

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