growth for labor has slipped to a 4 quarter low of 4% in Q3FY20. Rural agri wages —a proxy for consumption demand r sliding.

👉On the one side, Govt is lying, that economic situation is improving & on the other hand, working overtime to polarize 🇮🇳 !

People who have long harbored hatred for the "other" humans, despite the fact that the "others" have done no harm to the former, are relishing at !

These people do not understand, that the snake will bite back, and then there will be no remedy, then all will be lost.

What kind of a world have we turned into, 2 days earlier Right wingers were pointing to case, highlighting that accused were Muslims; now, others have jumped in the fray pointing that all the 5 accused are Brahmins in . Have we really lost the plot ?

Just to brag that we kept the fiscal deficit below 3.3%, this Govt will dress the figures, go for off-budget financing to defer fertiliser arrears, food subsidy bills & outstanding dues of Food Corporation of India through borrowings, will sell assets
👉 Freakin insane, it is

under Kishore jump 107% in 6 months

The cumulative data for all 12 banks also reveals that in the topmost Tarun loan category, by value has risen sharply 45% to Rs 3,425 crore in Sept from Rs 2,353 crore in March.
👉Is this another "Mess" in the making ?🙄

Avg milk yield for in is 3500 kg/year below 1,600 kg in India. The highest recorded production from any Gir cow in 🇮🇳is 6352 kg, whereas there is a sizable population of this breed in Brazil yielding between 12000~15000 kg.This says a lot about our "breeding program"

For those, who were blaming for

Out of the total total of 51,302 farm fires recorded till Nov 20 in , the cause of 24,355 (or 47. 5%) cases was something else and not the crop residue burning.

👉Need to stop making scapegoats out of !🙏

A good option for management is , which is granular material obtained by heating residue at 400°C to 600°C in a kiln-shaped structure in the absence of oxygen. Application of 2 tonnes of biochar/acre to or reduces urea consumption by one-third👏

claims Yojna created 4 crore Jobs

Dr. M.N Pandey Hon'ble Minister of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship claims in that Yojna created 1.1 crore Jobs

👉Who is lying ?

Thank u
for allocating 3975 crore as aid to hit by unseasonal rain. This covers all the 56.36 lakh farmers of ?

👉If State has to provide assistance to farmers , what is the use of insurance scheme ?

“The greatest patriotism is to tell your country when it is behaving dishonorably, foolishly, viciously.”
― Julian Barnes


shown its place
stamped as opportunist (can go with ideologically opposite camps)

Return to Power
No hassles of corruption cases on Sharad Pawar & ilk

👉Last but not least, their Voters were taken for a ride

When events like Ajit Pawar back stabbing Sharad Pawar, to go with
BJP; to become the Dy C.M take place then such quotes come to mind.
The best argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter.
-Winston Churchill

exposed of "double dealing" with

for C.M's post (half term) !

(Bhateeja) backstabs
, to become the Dy C.M !

Apt Quote
If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it
―Mark Twain

आज के नेताओं के सिद्धांत (हर एक पार्टी पर लागू, किसी पर ज्यादा, किसी पर कम)
लड़ेंगे...लड़वाएंगे....मारेंगे....मरवाएँगे...खरीदेंगे...बिकेंगे...तोड़ेंगे...तुड़वाएंगे...लेकिन उस कुसी पर बैठ कर रहेंगे !

Modi Govt claimed that donors asked for electoral bonds due to fear of retribution.

says: No representation has been received from the donors, regarding the need for maintaining the confidentiality of their identity.

Modi Ji itna jhooth.

Nearly 1.3 crore U.P farmers to miss out on the 4th instalment of Rs 2000 under income support scheme unless errors in their registered names & bank accts are corrected in the next 9 days;says a lot about penetration in d hinterland.

Total liabilities of DHFL=84,000 crore

Banks Share= 38,000 crore

(in crores)
Term loans=26324
Non-Convertible debenture=10815
External Commercial Borrowing=2747
Owed to NHB=2350
As public deposits=6188
Subordinate Debt=2267
Short term loan=1203

Lets see, how much comes back🙄

straw burning cases in between Sept 23~Nov 20 increased from 50829 in 2018 to 52003 in 2019

👉It is clear that instead of going for only one solution i.e. subsidizing straw management machines, a 2 pronged strategy i.e. financial assistace to farmers was also reqd

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