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rambly @rambly@mastodon.social

hey guess what mastodon, i'm coming out to my parents in like 3 days 😔🙏

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my role model is the person who just typed "hamburger disease" by itself as an unsigned comment

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finally the perfect time to activate my master plan.... [picks up phone] hey CJayC i signed up on gamefaqs when i was under 13, what are you gonna do about it now chump

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i've officially resolved to come out to my parents as trans before the end of February. welp

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of course the real milestone comes next month

time flies!

i just realized this is the first birthday i've had where i've been on HRT

that feels kinda like a milestone somehow?

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anyway as always a reminder:

if you are feeling overwhelmed or unhappy with the timeline?

it's ok to mute.

it's ok to block.

it's ok to close the tab and go do something else.

don't feel obligated to read it. you're free.

tbf i'm not posting these to the public timeline, but anyone can read them theoretically, i guess

my mastodon account that's for serious posting: public
my twitter account that's for bad jokes: private

my mastodon account: i'm feeling some serious emotions and feelings right now and everyone's gotta know
my twitter account: here are the absolute worst jokes i can think of

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sry this mastodon's gonna be all sad toots forever