To celebrate Atari's 50th anniversary, the company have teamed up with Lego to create a Lego version of Atari's iconic first console, the Atari 2600.

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Anyone know if there’s a suitable modern day charger for this clamshell? (M6411)

Added rudimentary support for genres on the Homebrew Games Database, so if you wanted to check out some homebrew rhythm games or something - you now can!

Thanks to everyone who suggested games for my homebrew database.

I'm going to hold off on adding games for a bit, and work on a few more filters

Firstly, Genre - Not going to go too indepth, probably:

* Platformer
* Shoot em Up
* Sports
* Maze
* Adventure
* Puzzle
* Rhythm
* Strategy
* Racing
* Action (nice and generic)

Secondly - details as to whether you can buy the game as a physical copy.

Cheers all

Who’s making games for old platforms? Please feel free to let me know what you’ve made and I’ll add them to my HomeBrew database (currently a work in progress!)

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Let's spare a tear on the OST of the saddest moment in the history of TV

If the click buttons in your Neo Geo CD joypad are no longer working as they should, then Laser Bear Industries are producing a new repair kit.

Okay added some new (old!) platforms to the RAMOK platforms database (WIP!)

* Tiki 100 (1984) - Norwegian Z80-based microcomputer aimed at educational market - (thanks @GedgeHead )

* TRS-80 Model 100 (1983) (thanks to @48kRAM )

* Uzebox (2008) - open source console

* LowRes NX (2018) - fantasy console

* Steamdeck (2022)

* Picotron (TBA) - new fantasy console in development by the author of the Pico-8


Plus new pixel icons for Steamdeck, Watara Supervision, Raspberry Pi + more

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50 Years of Text Games is a new book exploring the history of the oldest video game medium - text.

The book, by Aaron A. Reed, is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and has smashed through it's initial goal.

As well as the obvious classics such as Adventure and Zork - the book also features recent games such as the iOs game, Lifeline and the web browser game, Universal Paperclips

Exciting stuff happening in NUON land!

* Home-brew Code running on non VM-Labs SDK Machines
* Possibly New Controllers coming
* Work happening on the NUANCE emulator

The RAMOK Platform Database!

Want to find all European Microcomputers launched in the eighties with a Z80 processor?

Well, now you can!

(Some data still incomplete, but it's useable!)

Commodore 16's Fingers Malone gets GBC port

Rajcsányi László (aka Lacoste) is continuing his quest to seemingly port every C16 and Plus/4 game to the Game Boy Color. The latest is Doug Turner's The Exploits of Fingers Malone - a platform game where you need to collect keys, open the safe and avoid the baddies.


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