I'm not gonna mass dm my followers about my berries.space IT'S ON MY PROFILE I marked it as moved. it may look empty but it is very much not

gonna make a berries.space just to have it I think

anyway. I'm only in one other instance it's like. impossible to know from the outside how specific ones are like. I need recommendations with descriptions here or else I'll just be off without a migration

ah child porn on the timeline how fitting!

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You Should Leave .Social (CW: R*pe, P*do, Transphobia, Bestiality) 


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i love transtion goals memes bc theyre trans girl trans guy solidarity if they arent labelled before after

@auroraborealis I was focible removed from the womb after 10 months and a half

@auroraborealis this is literally just my conception you'll have to wait a couple months more

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Today’s Tea:
Using they/them for nonbinary people isn’t “too hard” it’s just yalls who are fucking pussies who can’t at least try to respect nb people’s pronouns.
Same goes for every other trans ppl’s pronouns.

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If Someone Promises To Protect The Rights Of One Oppressed Group, But Opposes The Rights Of Another, Do Not Believe Their Lies. They Are Vile. If Gay, Bi, And Lesbian People And Their Supporters Fail To Protect Transgender People, Then Not Only Are We Morally Bankrupt, We Are All Endangered. Because Those Who Oppose The Rights Of Any One Of Us Do Not Actually Care About Any Of Us, And In Fact Weaken Us, Whether They Intend It Or Not. All Of Us Are Either Liberated Together Or Perish Together.

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trying to teach myself how to teleport! no success yet but I'm not giving up

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