Zero-click iOS zero-day found deployed against Al Jazeera employees - Zero-day exploited a vulnerability in the iMessages app, patched in iOS 14.

This morning, the French data regulator fined Google and Amazon for their unlawful use of cookies.

Read our explainer about @CNIL's decisions, and what they mean 👇

Good riddance
His drug dealers will be upset
I'm sure he will be happy to meet his communist pals, Che, Fidel and Chavez

@MJ @TonyStark Oh my god, "Don't fuck it up for cornbread" is poetry. I love that sentence. I also love cornbread, but I'll #StayTheFuckHome and figure out how to make it myself if I get desperate.

After the Five Eyes, the EU Council is now trying to backdoor encryption in messaging apps. We will keep fighting for your right to privacy. 💪 Here is why:
It's good that the MIT uses the same arguments:
(comic v/Stuart Carlson)

The web is probably one of the most used applications worldwide.

It can manipulate billion of people by deciding what are the default search engines, the role of the address/URL bar, the (in-)compatibility with add-ons, you name it.

Isn't it time for to stand up and finance its own AGPLv3-licenced web browser, require that all EU websites are compatible with it, and enforce a transparent governance?


"The simple act of bringing a smartphone to a protest introduces opportunities to be tracked," says Mike Fong. His tips to protect your privacy when attending a protest include:

• Turn off location services
• Turn off WiFi
• Turn off Bluetooth

Original tweet :

Pre-installed malware on cheap phones is the unapologetic version of pre-installed apps siphoning your data for profit


Our founder, Matthias Pfau, has written an article on why we need quantum-secure encryption now.
😀 "At the same time as the development of quantum computers is progressing at an ever faster pace, the encryption must also be updated. Because currently used algorithms are vulnerable and will probably not be able to withstand attacks from quantum computers."

Hay pocas pruebas de que los pasaportes de inmunidad detengan la propagación de COVID-19, y hay muchas pruebas e historia demostrando cómo podrían agravar la injusticia social y desafiar la seguridad de nuestra información.

While we all at the moment, you can get this awesome shirt so it's even more fun. 😀 Enjoy your weekend! 🥳

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