Let's have fun conversations, threads on inconsequential stuff and not just political or serious stuff.
That's how at least I met and made lasting offline friendships on the birdsite

@liaizon @Shudraism music, movies, food, poetry anything that's food for the soul

@ranasafvi i agree. we spoke about music, hindi films, books, not jus things that we disagree on , but things we agree on.

@Calamur and had such fun. That's also reason for toxicity of the birdsite. Too much politics.
Let's talk of music, food and other things that calm the soul

@ranasafvi I agree. With people such as yourself on the Platform who have so much to share on food culture and history it’s a pity not to. Besides politics changes so slowly that it seems we are still grappling with issues that were debated in the Constituent Assembly debates in the late 1940’s.

@ranasafvi Did you know that ants walk faster in summer than in winter? (Borrowed from PG Wodehouse)

Fun conversations, yeah we are getting quite serious. How about delving into memories and sharing songs that you can't seem to forget. Let's start from Childhood/school times - top 5. Mine are:
1. Ichak dana, pichak dana, dana upar dana
2. Hum nanhe nau nihal navjyoti jaladenge
3. Butterfly, flutter by, o'er the highways and the by-ways...
4. My Bonnie lies over the ocean
5. Vijay vishwa tiranga pyara, jhanda uncha rahe humara...

@ranasafvi , how about yours...

@KayKap Ah.... I'm forgetting that there is Mastodon now :) My fav songs are from high school days, I guess. I was mostly into sports before that 😮

Ajeeb daastaan hei ye
Khoya khoya chaand
Idu oru ponmalai - Tamil
Pukaarta chala hoon
Ye chaand sa roshan tera

Top of the mind....n several more 😀

@nimmypal I am finding it more peaceful and less stressed here, with Twitter you never knew what would kinda be the lead when you reached it

@KayKap I felt that way several months ago n then unfollowed people who were bitter. So, things improved 😊

@nimmypal I did that too; but had people who had people who were bitter... could not mute / unfollow everyone...

@KayKap 😛😛 I know.... that's a pain. Also, one way to handle that is to create a list and not see the full timeline

@KayKap @nimmypal dunno about 2. and 3. the rest I know but never been much fan of.

@shirishag75 these are the earliest songs i remember... each to his/her own... @nimmypal

@KayKap @Deepsealioness Oddly enough, my most favourite song as a kid was "Naa koi umang hai... Naa koi tarang hai... Meri Zindagi hai Kya... Ek katii patang hai..."

@vimoh You know people might say that's an overwhelmingly sad song, but the very fact is that enunciating that emotion helps release it and new emotions can take its place. Every sad song has a positive edge... @Deepsealioness

@vimoh and you could likely sing along without losing the beat...@Deepsealioness

@KayKap @vimoh @Deepsealioness
Like what though? Except for country and western (I have to be in a very special mood to abide that), I like a huge variety.

Fav. version of Ya Rayah, raï song - and cheb khaled is my favourite
Manou Chao
Gypsy Hill
Classical, Bhangra (my village)

Didnot know you liked Bhangra & Punjabi folk, here's an old timer... Punjabi folk is something I have grown up to, along with listening to Gurbani in the mornings and ghazals in the evenings. Here's Asa Singh Mastana:
/ @vimoh @Deepsealioness

@KayKap @vimoh @Deepsealioness I am listening now before work :-)
Usually, I just download a 'best of' year xxxx, rip the audio and put it on a usb key or the phone. e.g.

It ended now, it was very pleasant and quiet. Of course, I don't understand any words at all (born in UK, grew up in canada).

@vimoh Kati patang kaun se naye dor mein bhand jayegi kya pata... eh?

@aab1dh favorite songs that you can't forget... top 5...

@KayKap Here you go --
1. Soldat - Aya Nakamura
2. Mafiosa - Larista
3. Fallait Pas - Marwa Loud
4. Farak - Divine
5. So High - Sidhu Moose Wala
6. Anthem for the North East - Mixed Artists

There are many more 😀

@KayKap :blobmiou: the earliest I can remember are songs during my primary school prayer

1) Sooraj ki garmi see.....
2) hum honge kamyab..

Then there is a Gujarati song cum lullaby my mom used to sing me (still sings sometimes when I request):-
3) Tame mara dev na didhel..

And 4) & 5), 6) are title tracks of cartoons I used to watch - Noddy, Ninja Hatori and Bob the builder. :blobcat:

@ninad I remember No 2. We initially learnt the English version... We shall overcome...
We didn't have TV in my childhood days, that came much later, so we had the radio, songs in we learnt in school, songs in Hindi, English, Bengali (lingua franca of state that was in at that time) and some folksy numbers

@KayKap I sometimes wonder how it would have been to study before the telecommunication boom happened. Would going to school have aroused much more curiousness in me than it did the time I went? Would I have been more attentive in class coz sources to learn new things were limited then? Also higher studies would have been tough as hell. Sitting in libraries taking notes. No Google scholar, no jstor no YouTube!

@ninad That was my generation! We had libraries and books that we could read, the radio and sometimes films run on old time projectors with either a wall or sheet doubling up as the screen. I remember seeing King Kong and Sound of Music via the old projector and film...

@KayKap @ninad Libraries were 💛.
Central library was the hugest one in my city.I still remember how overwhelmed I was when my mother got me a membership.

@sanddollar Same here! I remember the absolute joy of becoming a member of the central library. It meant I had graduated from the Children's library and become a member of the big wide world. Helped that the big library allowed me to take home some extra books. Oh I loved it... Sure helped along my love for reading @ninad

@ninad @KayKap

1. and 2. were my favorites, although I liked it when I could sing 1. in one breath. Seems it is to be sung in that way. One of my favorites from the oldies is -

man tarpat hai hari darshan ko aaj..

Dunno if you have seen it or not. Classical at its best -

@shirishag75 @ninad Sometimes as tonight I remember grandmother and the songs that she used to sing and the old 78s and the 33s that she used to listen to, here are some of them:

Yup 1) is beautiful. I have started learning about basics of music theory recently and that song helped me in intuitively identifying different scales and svars. @KayKap

@KayKap @ninad In new ones, I haven't been able to get this one out of my mind for last 6 odd years

@KayKap @ninad have to confess have been in love with sufi songs for a long time in my life. They are the best for sharing life's emotions :)

@shirishag75 All music is; sometimes you relate to the lyrics, sometimes to the emotion expressed, sometimes just to the music behind the lyrics.. Music is a great healer, communicator, connector... @ninad

Hundred days can erase memory
Ask me
I forgot his face in as little as seventy days,
a trapped state
can cause
a conspiracy of our cells
to make us forget
a mutation to remember
will happen
In the spring.

Okay then. Here is some Fun and inconsequential stuff:

The old man was sitting on the examining table in the doctor’s office having his hearing checked. The doctor poked his light scope in the old man’s ear and said, “Hey, you have a suppository in your ear!”
“Rats,” said the old man. “Now I know where my hearing aid went.”

@ranasafvi did you know that a polar bear's liver can kill you? Not because it's poisonous but because it's too nutritious. It has too much Vitamin A, and human body can't digest it.

@shujaat_mirza @ranasafvi she asked to start a thread on inconsequential stuff🙈

@ranasafvi How about this. My 9th grader was called by his teacher and asked to write a poem on Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb. I loved that anyone is even talking about that these days. Of course, we are in Hyderabad, but even so, it is nice.

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