Nintendo are bringing back Wii Fit but as an RPG, because everyone missed that.

With all these different trailers, I feel I've seen everything the Switch port of Zelda: Link's Awakening has to offer.

I was up until 1:30am local time last time watching the new Petscop content. I'm not calling it the finale yet, as I always want more Petscop videos.

I'm about to rewatch the latest three episodes and record a podcast episode or two discussing them.

An hour of new Petscop content dropped last night. Seems the series might be finished.

Astral Chain deals heavily in the fantastical and unbelievable. For one, you play a cop who helps people,

Today I finished and posted my 87th sound collage, being the first one I've made since June.

The host of that podcast has played excerpts of two of my collages to close out as many episodes of his own podcast, each time urging listeners of his show to listen to my stuff. That's neat to hear. Thanks, Brad.

I still find it crazy that the host of one of my favorite podcasts is a fan of my podcasts.

A lot of my podcast episodes are linked on TuneIn, but I can't get them to stream on a smart speaker, maybe because one word in the show's title is not a real word.

I've noticed someone else has been uploading episodes of one of my podcast series to the Internet Archive, which is funny, because I already have those there.

I've ranted about this before, but the original game (that is, the DX version for Game Boy Color) is still available for $6 on the 3DS eShop Do the improvements and the new minigame justify a $60 price tag? I don't think so.

Besides upgraded music, graphics, and quality-of-life improvements, the only new content I've seen is the make-a-dungeon minigame that replaces the camera guy's hut, and the tiles you use for that are all pulled from existing dungeons.

I still don't get why Nintendo is charging $60 for the Switch port of Zelda: Link's Awakening. I mean, yeah, I get it in terms of marketing or whatever, but I've not seen enough new content to justify that price tag. It's a short game, after all.

The host just said "some people think time is an illusion", to which I replied, "and lunchtime doubly so!".

I'm listening to a paranormal podcast and the guest can't figure out how he got so many friends on a social media website and guesses it must be because of ghosts.

The tenth anniversary of my most popular podcast is coming up in late 2021. I want to get the original group of hosts together, but I don't know if I can accomplish that.

I hope Coast to Coast AM covers the Area 51 raid in September.

My depression is such that, even though I can do well at work, once I get home, I shut down emotionally and energetically, I can't find the energy to do much of anything.

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