The deadline for opting out was yesterday.

Well, I guess my archive of Let's Plays are now lost media.

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I've had this Elden Ring video game explained to me and I still don't get it.

Eating dinner now and might stream some video games on the Twitch machine here in a bit.

I mean, it was a pretty obvious prediction that E3 would end with Nintendo not having announced any new hardware.

Also, Metroid Dread is the star of the show.

I had one more space to fill in with whatever and I bet you'll never guess which space that was!

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Although, more I think of it, New Nintendo Switch seems a more likely name, thinking back to the New Nintendo 3DS/2DS.

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New Nintendo Switch Pro falls more in line with Nintendo's recent naming conventions.

Also, bookmarking this thread so I can return to it tonight and react to the announcement.

Super Switch is not that great a name for a console. Is this gonna be a Wii U name mistake all over again?

Switch Lite
Super Switch

Anyway, i bought a new radio, a Sangean weather alert radio, and that should be arriving today.

And the other two announced titles (Dragon Quest Erasers, a mobile title, and Dragon Quest Treasures) don't really interest me.

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