I'm sorry, but watching this debate is unbearable. They have the debating skills and attitude of a bunch of 10 year olds.

I'm not even watching the debate and I could've predicted exactly how it would unfold.

I'm really worried right now: my closest friend hasn't replied via Messenger since last Wednesday and hasn't checked her messages since Sunday and I have no way of checking on her since she lives seven hours away.

I like how YouTubeTV includes CometTV, which is itself a free broadcasting service you can download as a separate app.

"You've incurred a fine for deploying weapons."

"Uh, let me retract those."

"You've incurred a fine for firing on Mawson Dock."


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And I opened fire on Mawson Dock because I couldn't remember what buttons did what and next thing I knew I had my weapons deployed and had fired a shot on the base.

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I was playing Elite: Dangerous the other day, first time in months, and couldn't remember the controls (I'm playing the PS4 version). Anyway, I was in warp and couldn't remember how to brake and ended up crashing into a planet in order to stop.

I left a comment on a video from a popular YouTube channel, the channel creator liked the comment, now I keep getting emails about people replying to my comment. I've not looked at any of the replies yet.

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